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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soft or Cool Summer?

My brain is so odd.  I devour a system and then I find a flaw with it, and then where am I?  Well, actually usually I keep moving forward and find some meaningful way to integrate info.  Since I put it together that DYT seems to be so related to IlluminEssence, it has made DYT make more sense.  But that means that I'm no longer sure that finding out your colors in the Seasonal Palette does anything to accurately describe your internal truth.  But it's still a fun process at some level and certainly beautiful.  So that all being said...

In review, when I first heard the basic theory of DYT - that you should dress to let people know visually the truth of your nature - I knew I was a T4.  But I could never feel comfortable with it.  Then, using the DYT facial profiling techniques and other components, I knew I was a T2.  So it was from there that I determined 2/4. When our group started looking at color theory, I associated that with Cool Summer.  Somewhere in there I did consider 2/3, Soft Summer.  I kept rejecting it though. 

In the original consideration, I really looked over T3 as a possibility.  I think I project it as a type with too many negative qualities, so I couldn't own it.  Now, I see some ways that I am definitely swift, getting things done extremely fast. 

As a Scorpio/water with Sagittarius/fire Moon and Rising, 2/3 makes sense as well.  Now the issue is how to dress softer without fading away?  How to dress to play up velvety qualities, reflectivity, texture.

All the while, awaiting my IlluminEssence info!

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Jeanine Byers said...

That process you describe makes sense to me! Seems like in some ways, you are integrating the three systems while not completely accepting any of them.

I think you will eventually land on something that works for you.