Friday, November 7, 2014

Winter Jeans

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Denim is a neutral, but it still reads into categories of what it does with light. If it reflects it, then it's for T1, and then the amount it absorbs it moves into T2 and T3, the most saturation is for T4, etc......

Winter Type 4 Jeans

Winters want pure dark denim that is structured. T4's might want a crease in front.
Choose a saturated wash with dark stitching. Try black woolite, no drying and only wash after several time wearing them to prevent fading. Type 4s may also wear jeans in a pure hue, like red or electric blue, and of course black or white.

Old Navy
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Winter Jeans


Courteney Cox, J Brand Jeans (nice dark wash)

Courteney Cox J Brand Jeans
(black is good but should be more saturated to balance hair)

Salma Hayek J Brand Jeans (nice trouser jeans)

Jennifer Connelly MiH Jeans (beautiful trouser jeans)

Liv Tyler PRVCY Jeans (nice dark wash)

Liv Tyler Rag & Bone Jeans (great color)

Salma Hayek Seven for all Mankind Jeans
(nice shape, perhaps too distressed)

Dramatic jeans, like dramatic pants, should be straight and tailored, gently breaking the shoe.

Natural jeans, like natural pants, should be simple and have minimal detail.  Any length is fine, rolled up cuffs to boot leg jeans.  Many styles, loose and casual to more refined, yet  natural materials.

Classic jeans, like classic pants, should be clean, tailored and with minimal detailing. Trouser jeans or straight jeans are good shapes.

Gamine jeans, like gamine pants, should be sharply tailore, with outlined or animated details.  Capri jeans, hitting the top of the ankle.  Skin tight jeans or jeggings.

Romantic jeans, like romantic pants, should showcase your curves, perhaps with skinny jean taper.

Ingenue jeans, like ingenue pants,  should be very shapely, showcasing the ankle.  Cropped and skin tight styles are good.

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