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Asian Celebrity McJimsey/Northrup Essences

I have previously posted on seasonal color analysis and Asian Celebrities here.

Over at my Quiz page, I posted this special note on the McJimsey/Northrup quiz:

Reader's comment: "People from South East Asian and East Asian are not all Dramatic-Gamine like Lucy Liu. Maybe Dramatic got less then 15% in many of them, even in men. In fact, many of them are Ingenues ( like Jodi Sta Maria, Kim You-Jung, Yuki Saito, Lee Hi, Yuko Tanaka and many more ) or having Ingenue as their secondary or equal percentage ( Momoe Yamaguchi is an example of girly Ingenue equally balanced with boyish Gamine, just like my case ). They may have an obvious dramatic contrast and smaller eyes, and yet having facial features softer than Emma Stones or Michelle Williams."
Lucy Liu
Dramatic Gamine


Kim Yoo Jung                      Jodi Sta Maria                              Lee Hi          

             Jodi Sta Maria                       Kim Yoo Jung  

   Lee Hi                            

Yuki Saito                               Yuko Tanaka

Momoe Yamaguchi

list of Asian celebrities, with their highest style essence (according to reader) :

Dramatic : Yoon Ji-Min

Natural : Ha Ji-Won
               Ha Jae Suk

Gamine : Sonija Kwok
                Charmaine Sheh
                Sally Yeh
                Cherie Chung
                Agnes Monica
                Ayako Kobayashi
                Amber Liu of K-Pop F(x) group
                Vicky Zhao
                Sunny of Girls Generation
                Chow Hoi Mei

Classic : Michelle Yeoh
               Lee Young Ae ( perhaps Kibbe's Soft Classic too )
               Maggie Cheung ( perhaps Kibbe's Soft Classic too )

Romantic : Song Hye-Kyo ( Maybe like Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson who equally balanced on Romantic and Ingenue )
                   Imelda Marcos ( ex-First Lady of The Philippines )
                   Kristine Hermosa
                   Kris Aquino
                   Marian Gracia
                   Looi Mei Lin
                   Gigi Lai

Ingenue : Kim You-Jung
                Jodi Sta Maria
                Chow Hui Min
                Yumiko Araki
                Lee Hi
                Nam Gyu Ri
                Ku Hye-Sun
                Momoe Yamaguchi
                Park Han Byul
                Yuko Tanaka ( Oshin drama protagonist )
                Yoon Yoo Sun

Angelic : Choi Ji Wu
               Qi Qi

( * note about Asian Angelic - these women resembles or closely resembles the famous angelic archetype in Chinese folklores named Chang'e, the moon fairy. They can have darker hair like Asian women of other essences, and yet look better on Angelic fashion and design lines. )

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