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Summer Jeans

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Denim is a neutral, but it still reads into categories of what it does with light. If it reflects it, then it's for T1, and then the amount it absorbs it moves into T2 and T3, the most saturation is for T4, etc......

Spring Type 2 Jeans

Summers need gray jeans, and of course 2's want something soft and easy in shape, leggings, yoga pants and soft jeans. If going for colored jeans, try a berry color or blues from your palette.

 Type 2s want their whole outfit to flow together, so don't ever have denim darker than the value of your top and jacket, it should be the same value.

If you're jeans aren't quite right, please visit my page on wardrobe refashion.  For instance, to tone down your jeans, you can dye them in pearl grey Rit Dye.  You can even do this with blue jeans and it will just make them absorb light instead of reflect it.

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Summer Jeans

If you wear BROWN jeans, make sure they are grayed tones, rose brown.


Jennifer Aniston Hudson Jeans
might be too bright

Jennifer Aniston Hoyle Jackson Jeans
sure look comfy, might have too much white in them

Sarah Jessica Parker in gray jeans

Sarah Jessica Parker Current Elliott Jeans
so comfy, casual, might have too much white

Sarah Jessica Parker in James jeans
yay! blended and soft

Sarah Jessica Parker in Michael Stars Tencel Pants

Dramatic jeans, like dramatic pants, should be straight and tailored, gently breaking the shoe.

Natural jeans, like natural pants, should be simple and have minimal detail.  Any length is fine, rolled up cuffs to boot leg jeans.  Many styles, loose and casual to more refined, yet  natural materials.

Classic jeans, like classic pants, should be clean, tailored and with minimal detailing. Trouser jeans or straight jeans are good shapes.

Gamine jeans, like gamine pants, should be sharply tailore, with outlined or animated details.  Capri jeans, hitting the top of the ankle.  Skin tight jeans or jeggings.

Romantic jeans, like romantic pants, should showcase your curves, perhaps with skinny jean taper.

Ingenue jeans, like ingenue pants,  should be very shapely, showcasing the ankle.  Cropped and skin tight styles are good.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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