Seasonal Color Analysis Celebs

 I'm kind of excited about my new spin-off blog: seasonal color analysis celebs.  I've created a full listing of celebrities and what season or type they are analyzed as on as many different blog sources as I can find.

Angelina's eye

Beyonce's eye

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


SWriter said…
This is so fascinating Jane. Many women of color, such as Beyonce, are difficult to type because of the melanin coloring along with determining the undertones.

There is a book by Jean Patton, a colorist for African Americans who did an excellent job on typing women of color from examining the natural lip colors.

Here is the title of the book and it is out of print but can be obtained through some out of print online resources(not the one below, however):

The chroma and value becomes ultra important in doing B's colors. That said: she has an energy that has been crafted for the career she's in.

That all said, I think B has a warm spring coloring and can wear toned down versions of autumn colors. She can also wear the neutral to warm dark browns.

She can probably wear some of the soft summer colors in the warmer hues.

She is difficult to type because of professional enhancements like: hair extensions
textural hair
crafted movements to express sensuality and sultry features
voice training to enhance the throaty deep sounds

One of the reasons I like what you're doing with your blog, in the presentation of all this rich information, is showing how complex typing is and the need to consider different aspects of culture, genetics, personality as well as energetics. Each person can craft their own non cookie cutter look from working with their own colorings and energetics unique to them.

I like what you've done with the paper dolls to illustrate that.

Personally, I like using real people(such as you do with the cutouts) to make determinations and comparisons.

One would have to look at some of Beyonce's childhood images and learn more about all elements and facets of her personality and genetic features in it's purest form.

Here is a resource for you Jane which helps in identifying skin tones for black women through lingerie choices. It has only been of recent that the fashion industry has showcased or acknowledged our skin tones in fashion, in something as basic as lingerie choices. ( PG rated site) I hope this resource is helpful to you in doing your coloring work for cultural skin tones.

Jane Leu Rekas said…
Thanks, I'm ordering that book and adding it to my bookstore.
Jane Leu Rekas said…