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Collecting Adjectives...

 Sometimes I build a post slowly... so this will get edited a few times.
I'm collecting adjectives (about personality) from different systems, for comparison sakes.
To be honest, I want to disprove the necessity of the adjective BOLD for T4... we'll see if I accomplish that.

Sanguine T1, Phlegmatic T2, Choleric T3, Melancholic T4


Spring Summer Autumn Winter
animation feminity dramatic stately
blithe exquisite energetic mysterious
spritliness delicacy bizarre striking
perkiness fragility coppery sophisticated
sauciness ethereal dynamic serene
vivacity luxurious colourful regal
effervescence graceful gypsy-like dignified
piquancy sweetness brilliant dramatic
crispness daintiness warmth sparkling
lightness refinement woodsy luxurious
jauntiness vital urbane
fliratiousness dashing distinguished
radiance richness exciting
frivolity spicy elegant
gaeity crystalline

although he doesn't call them types

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4


NOTE that Segestrom uses BOLD to describe T3!



morninglight dreamlight firelight starlight
externaly motivated internally motivated externally motivated internally motivated
eternally youthful cool, calm intense command respect
light on feet collected strong see big picture
lightness sensitive to others fiery delegate well
clever subtle, dry humor flamboyant goal oriented
multitasker witty misperceived as: efficient
misperceived as: observant bossy precise
superficial appear aloof tedious do not suffer fools
frivilous doesn't seek limelight

misperceived as:

elitist, cold


Divine Woman:

morninglight dreamlight firelight starlight
intuitive gentle flamboyant dramatic
light calm fiery thinker
charming cool energetic ambitious
vivacious collected campaigner intelligent
enthusiastic elegant curious organized
friendly nurturing loyal confident
informal diplomatic lovable logical
helpful peacemaker efficient
creative reserved intense
versatile dependable idealistic




Enthusiast Compassionate Dynamic Analytical
careless careful efficient perfectionist
undisciplined anxious domineering moody
friendly thorough brusque reserved
spendthrift pedantic stubborn cruel
quick slow quick stately
all knowing indecisive insistent theoretical
egotistic pessimistic optimistic idealistic
liberated hypocrite reckless prude
warm calm determined emotional
loud talkative reticent quiet
happy go lucky insecure self-sufficient independent
exaggerates spectacular inconsiderate critical
democrat bureaucrat autocrat teaocrat

Tone I Tone II Tone III Tone IV
animated soft dynamic striking
buoyant subtle rich firm
spirited flowing textured smooth
crisp relaxed angled stylized
fresh blended sure contrasting
expressive  enfolding  substantial  definite

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
quick slow sudden even
sporadic careful fast consistent
likes possibilities precise fervent direct
inspiring detailed productive determined
initiates integrates driven perfects
causes others likes sorting causes others analyzes
to feel: provides details to feel: finishes
lighter works as a team anticipation causes others
renewal intuitive action to feel:
hope causes others to feel: progress stability




Carol Tuttle's IT'S JUST MY NATURE 2009 compared to Suzanne Caygill's COLOR THE ESSENCE OF YOU 1980:
Caygill Spring: “The face is generally rounded–rounded cheeks, eye, nose, chin—or it may be heart shaped with pointed chin...dimples.” 
Tuttle Type 1: “Face shape: circular or heart shaped.” “Cheeks: circles...dimples” “Nose: circle shape.”  
Caygill Spring: "Frolicsome" "Enchanting" "Effervescence" "dapper" "Sprightliness"  
Tuttle Type 1: "Frolicsome" "Enchanting" "Effervescent" "Dapper" "Sprightly"  

Caygill Spring: "often the life of the party" 
Tuttle Type 1: "often the life of the party" 

Caygill pg 22: "cherry blossoms"    
Tuttle Type 1: "Cherry...tree in blossom"  "blossoms on a cherry tree" 

Caygill pg 108: "rolling hills 
Tuttle Type 1: "rolling hills" 

Caygill Spring: "communicative" "open-hearted" "awakening" "half-circles"  
Tuttle Type 1: "communicative" "Open-hearted" "Awakening" "half a circle"  

Caygill Summer: "Picturesque" "S-curve" "soft spoken" "Iridescent" "Etherealness" "Exquisiteness" "Cameos"  
Tuttle Type 2: "Picturesque" "S-curve" "Soft-spoken" "Iridescent" "Ethereal" "Exquisite" "Cameo-quality"  

Caygill Summer: “her walk graceful” “with a fluid motion" 
Tuttle Type 2: “graceful walk...fluid flowing movement”  

Caygill Summer: “meticulous attention to detail" 
Tuttle Type 2: “meticulous nature and attention to detail”  

 Caygill pg 63: "Acting and reacting"  
Tuttle Type 3: "action and reaction" "action/reaction" "active reactive"  

 Caygill Autumn keyword list: "Resplendent" "Dashing" "Gypsy-like" "Bizarre"
Tuttle Type 3 keyword list: "Resplendent" "Dashing" "Gypsy-like" "Bizarre"  

Caygill Autumn: "Points, as in the contours of a maple leaf" "firm of step "  
Tuttle Type 3: "Maple Tree...It's leaves are angular" "Walking: firm plant of your feet"  

 Caygill Autumn: "Tangy" "Glowing" "Tawny" "Metallic" "Zestful" "Adventuresome" "Swiftness"  
Tuttle Type 3: "Tangy" "Glowing" "Tawny" "Metallic" "Zesty" "Adventurous" "Swift" 


Caygill Autumn: "quick to make decisions"  
Tuttle Type 3: "make decisions quickly" 

 Caygill Winter: “contemporary furnishings...modern design.” 
Tuttle Type 4: “interior design is what we call modern and contemporary.”  

Caygill Winter: "roses, large and single"  
Tuttle Type 4: "a single, long-stemmed rosebud"  

 Caygill Winter: "high cheek bones" "motivated toward perfection" "fir" 
Tuttle Type 4: "high cheek bones" "tendency towards perfection" "Noble Fir"  

Caygill Winter: "Suave" "Luminous" "Scintillating" "commanding" "gallantry" 
Tuttle Type 4: "Suave" "Luminous" "Scintillating" "Commanding" "Gallant" 

 Dressing Your Truth 2010 has the same combinations of Yin & Yang as Science of Personal Dress and the same four seasons as Color Psychology 1999.

Carol Tuttle's IT'S JUST MY NATURE 2009 compared to Robert A. Rohm PhD.'s WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ANYWAY? 1997:

Rohm Type I: "act before thinking"  
Tuttle Type 1: "act before thinking"
Rohm Type I: "Likes to do things: The fun way."  
Tuttle Type 1: "You look for fun ways to accomplish the things you want to do." 

Rohm Type I: "wide range of friends"  
Tuttle Type 1: "wide...range of friendships" 

Rohm Type I: "'flake'" "brainstorming" 
Tuttle Type1: "flaky" "brainstorming"     

Rohm Type I: "support their big ideas" 
Tuttle Type 1: "big ideas"  " praise them and thank them for ideas"    
Rohm Type S: “Slow down–help me!” “thinks and considers at a slower pace” 
Tuttle Type 2: “You may require others to slow down” “your thoughts are slower” 

Rohm Type S: “Do not be pushy.” “Don’t put them in a corner, they will crumble.” 
Tuttle Type 2: “Don’t get pushy…They will retreat.” 

Rohm Type S: “allow them to ask questions” 
Tuttle Type 2: “Allow them to ask questions.” 

Rohm Type S: "wishy-washy"  
Tuttle Type 2: "wishy-washy" "wishy-washiness" 

Rohm Type S: "attitude is questioning"  
Tuttle Type 2: "tendency to constantly ask questions" "question yourself" "need questions answered" 

Rohm Type D: "checking off their itemized and prioritized 'To Do' list as they accomplish each item"  
Tuttle Type 3: "check it off my list" "write on our to-do lists tasks we have already accomplished just for the satisfaction of checking them off the list" 

Rohm Type D: "Killer Statement:'You can't do that!'" 
Tuttle Type 3: "don't tell them they can't do it" 

Rohm Type D : "Pioneering" "Get the job done" "to-the-point" "'movers and shakers'" "self-starters" 
Tuttle Type 3 keyword list: "Pioneering" "Get the job done" "To the point" "Mover & shaker" "Self-starter" 

Rohm Type D: "They take pleasure in finishing projects."  
Tuttle Type 3: "gain so much pleasure in creating a result...bask in the pleasure of just looking at the result" 

Rohm Type D: "Pushing the group ahead" 
Tuttle Type 3: "push us into action" "push in getting people to work harder" "pushing forward"

Rohm Type D: "Thinks big"  
Tuttle Type 3: "think big" "You think big." 

Rohm Type C: "Point A to Point B"    
Tuttle Type 4: "Point A to Point B"  

Rohm Type C: "finish whatever I start"  
Tuttle Type 4: "finish what you start" 

Rohm Type C: "color 'inside the lines'"  
Tuttle Type 4: "color within the lines" 

Carol Tuttle's IT'S JUST MY NATURE 2009 compared to Robert A. Rohm PhD.'s POSITIVE PERSONALITY PROFILES 1994:
Rohm   Type C: "telling it like it is"
Tuttle Type 4: "You say it how it is" 

Tuttle pg 222: "true to my Type 3/4 nature--get right to the point and tell it like it is!"

Rohm Type C: "see only black or white...not much is gray"  
Tuttle Type 4: "black and white opinion, with no gray areas" "black and white gray area"
Rohm   Type C: "keen eyes"
Tuttle Type 4: "keen eye"
Rohm   Type S: caterpillar
Tuttle Type 2: Caterpillar
Rohm   Type C: "stay on track"
Tuttle Type 4: "Stay on Track"
Rohm   Type D: "Ready–Fire–Aim!"
Tuttle Type 3: "ready-fire-aim" 

Similar paragraphs in Carol Tuttle's IT'S JUST MY NATURE 2009 pg 63 and Boyd/Rohm's DIFFERENT CHILDREN, DIFFERENT NEEDS 2004 pg 239:
Rohm Type I: "tone of your voice goes up and down"
Tuttle Type 1: "tone of your voice rises and falls"
Rohm Type I: "Dramatic" "Expressive" "descriptive"
Ruttle Type 1: "dramatic, expressive, descriptive"
Rohm Type I: "gesture with your hands"
Tuttle Type 1: "talk with your hands"
More examples of Carol Tuttle's IT'S JUST MY NATURE 2009 compared to Boyd/Rohm's DIFFERENT CHILDREN, DIFFERENT NEEDS 2004:
Rohm Type C:  "'Lighten up!' Don't take everything so seriously." "critical" "serious"
Tuttle Type 4:  "'Lighten up!' or Don't be so critical or serious."
Rohm Type I:  "You can form an image of something in your mind and see it clearly when there's nothing tangible to see."
Tuttle Type 1: "you readily see what doesn't exist physically"
Rohm Type S: "Don't be...demanding."
Tuttle Type 2: "Don't get ... demanding"
Rohm Type I: "juggle several balls at once"
Tuttle Type 1: "juggle many things at once" "create too many new balls to juggle"
Rohm Type D: "you can be relied upon to get the job done"
Tuttle Type 3: "Your reputation is, 'You can count on them to get the job done.'"
Rohm pg 155: "you are a mirror"
Tuttle Type 4: "you are an energetic mirror"
Rohm Type C: "high standards...low self esteem because they don't come up to those personal standards"
Tuttle Type 4: "set standards that neither your nor anyone else can meet...low self-esteem"
Rohm Type C: "quiet self-confidence"
Tuttle Type 4: "quiet confidence"
Rohm Type C: "time alone to process his thoughts and feelings" "needs time alone to think, process, and percolate"
Tuttle Type 4: "need time alone to process their thoughts and feelings"

Carol Tuttle's IT'S JUST MY NATURE compared to Rohm/Crook's PERSONALITY INSIGHTS FOR MOMS: 
Rohm Type I: "You are a breath of fresh air" 
Tuttle Type 1: "You are a breath of fresh air" "You truly are a 'breathe of fresh air'" 

Rohm Type I "'rabbit type'"  
Tuttle Type1: "Rabbits"  

Rohm Type I: "bouncing around" 
Tuttle Type 1: "move though life like a bouncing ball"  

Rohm Type I: "walks into a room, the room lights up!"  
Tuttle Type 1: "light up the room when you enter"  

Rohm Type I "hard time sitting still"  
Tuttle Type 1: "do not like to sit or stand still"   

Rohm Type I: "get twice as much...with praise" "Praise them" "thank them"  
Tuttle Type 1: "praise them and thank them" "praised his idea...praised him" 

Rohm Type I: "impulsive...jump into the pool" "impulsive swimmer...jumped into the pool" 
Tuttle Type 1: "impulse to run into the ocean" 

Rohm Type I: "precocious"
Tuttle Type 1: "Precocious"  
Rohm Type I: "trendsetter" "see what the latest fads and trends are, and then go after them"  
Tuttle Type 1: "Trendy" 
Rohm Type S: "perceived as a doormat or pushover" "can turn into doormats" 
Tuttle Type 2: "viewed my mother as somewhat of a doormat" 
Rohm Type D: "creates change to get the results she wants"  
Tuttle Type 3: "action that creates results and change" 

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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