Monday, June 10, 2013

Adectives Alphabetized (updated)

This is a compiled list of adjectives, from several sources, of the four types, alphabetized (may be updated in future).  If an adjective is repeated, then more than one system used it.


Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
act before thinking anxious action oriented accomplished
adaptable abstract "get to the point" accurate
all knowing angelically innocent able ambitious
animated appear aloof abrupt Analytical
animated artistic absorbed analytical
animated blended active/reactive analyzes
animation blended adventurous bold
awakening calm aggressive bold without being abrasive
blithe calm alert brilliant
brainstorm calm angled calm
breath of fresh air calming anticipation capable
bright cameo quality authoritative civilized
bright careful bizarre classic
bright careful bizarre cold
buoyant cheerful bold command respect
candid collected bossy commanding
carefree collected brilliant compassionate
careless comforting brusque confident
casual compassionate businesslike conservative
changeable conscientious campaigner consistent
changeable cool colorful contrast
charming cool competitive contrasting
charming creative confident controlled
cheerful cultured confident cool
child-like daintiness controlled creative
clean-cut dedicated coppery critical
clever delicacy creates change critical
communicative dependable curious critical
compassionate dependable daring cruel
creative detailed dashing definite
crisp devoted dashing delegate well
crispness dignified decisive dependable
curious diplomatic decisive determined
curious diplomatic demanding dignified
dapper discerning dependable dignified
democrat doesn't seek limelight determined diplomatic
descriptive doormat determined direct
direct dry humor direct direct
dramatic dry humor direct distinguished
eager easy going disagreeable do not suffer fools
earnest efficient dominating dramatic
effervescence elegant domineering dramatic
effervescence elegant dramatic dramatic
egotistical elusive dramatic dramatic over illness
eloquent emotional driven efficient
emotional enfolding  dynamic efficient
empathy w/ others ethereal dynamic elegant
enchanting ethereal dynamic elitist
energetic expensive dynamic emotional
Enthusiast exquisite dynamic energetic mirror
enthusiastic exquisite earthy even
enthusiastic faithful earthy exact
eternally youthful fearful easily irritated exciting
exaggerates feminity efficient expects perfection
expressive flowing efficient faithful
expressive  flowing energetic finisher
externaly motivated fluid energetic finishes
fails to plan ahead fluid energetic firm
flake fragility energetic gallant
flighty genial exciting get right to business
fliratiousness gentle exotic gets to the point
fliratiousness gentle explosive goal oriented
forgetful gentle externally motivated good listener
fragile gets tied up in details fast good natured
free gifted fervent gracious
fresh good imagination fiery high standards
fresh graceful fiery honorable
friendly graceful fiery humorous
friendly graceful firm idealistic
friendly honest flamboyant immaculate
friendly hypocritical flamboyant impartial
friendly idealistic forceful impressive
frivilous imaginative get the job done incisive
frivolity impractical get the job done independent
frolicsome indecisive glowing intelligent
fun inquisitive goal-oriented intelligent
gaeity insecure guarded internally motivated
generous integrates gypsy like just
genuine intense gypsy-like keen eye
good conversationalist internally motivated hard-headed lacks confidence
grinning intuitive hurts others feelings logical
gullible inventive idealistic loyal
happy go lucky inventure impatient luminous
hard time sitting still iridescent impetuous luxurious
helpful learned inconsiderate magnetic
helpful likes sorting insensitive methodical
hopeful listens carefully insistent mirror
imaginative long-suffering intense moody
impulsive loves to tease intense mysterious
impulsive loving intense mysterious
inconsistent loyal intriguing natural poise
informal luxurious leader need time alone
initiates makes friends slowly loud neglects friends
innocent meditating lovable objective
inspiring melancholy? loyal observant
intuitive meticulous makes decisions quickly organized
jauntiness mysterious mature passive
liberated neat mobilizing perfectionist
life of the party nurturing mover and shaker perfectionist
light nurturing mysterious perfectionist
light observant opportunistic perfectionist
light on feet paranoid optimistic perfects
lightness peaceful tempo optimistic pessimistic
lightness peacemaker organizer polished
lights up a room pedantic outdoorsy possible low self-esteem
likes possibilities perfectionistic pioneering practical
lively pessimistic plans ahead precise
lively pessimistic powerful principled
loud philosophical practical prude
loveable picturesque productive quiet
loves praise practical productive quiet self-confidence
mischevious precise progress reasonable
multitasker precise proud refined
multitasker profound quick reflective
naïve provides details ready-fire-aim regal
open  punishes with silence reckless reserved
open hearted quiet reliable reserved
opportunistic refined resistant reserved
optimistic refinement resplendent responsible
optimistic reflective result oriented sarcastic
optimistic relaxed reticent scintilaing
outdoorsy reserved rich secure
out-going reserved rich see big picture
outspoken romantic rich self sacrificing
overly talkative safe richness self-centered
perceptive sensitive  self starter self-protective
perkiness sensitive to others self-disciplined sensitive
piquancy sentimental self-sufficient serene
playful slow self-sufficient serene
precocious slow sensuous serious
quick slow paced sharp slow
quick slow to accept new ideas spicy smooth
radiance slow worker spirited sophisticated
random smooth stern sparkling
refreshing soft strong stability
restless soft stubborn stately
sauciness soft spoken stubborn stately
simple soft-spoken stubborn stay on track
sincere sophisticated sturdy still
smiles often speaks quietly substantial  striking
sociable spectacular successful striking
social spiritual sudden striking
speaks without thinking steady flow sure striking
spendthrift stubborn swift stubborn
spirited subtle take criticism poorly stylized
sporadic subtle takes over a group suave
sprightly subtle tawny suave
spritliness subtle tedious sympathetic
sunny supportive textured teasing
superficial sweetness think big tells it like it is
takes on too much takes abuse silently to the point theoretical
talkative talented  tough-skinned thinker
talks with hands talented with hands true to a cause thrifty
tangential talkative unafraid timeless
tender  tender truthful vital tranquil
tender hearted thorough vivid truthful
too empathetic understanding willing to work unbelieving
trendsetter wishy-washy   uncaring
undecided witty   unemotional
undisciplined works as a team unmotivated
uninhibited urbane
versatile vivid
vivacious well mannered
vivacity well-bred
warm well-liked
warm well-read
wholesome witty
witty worries
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