Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jane ponders the universe....

I just discovered this app on Facebook to create comics, called bitstrips.

So I started revising my eBook which I'd written after the first year of writing this blog.  I have to say while I know a lot more, I don't necessarily have more answers and may even have more questions.

I've had a realization that if I am a 2/4 or a 4/2 and they are so close to 50/50, I'm not sure I can really understand pure Type 2 that is not influenced by 4, or pure Type 4 that is not influenced by 2.  It's a property of Quantum Physics that the observer changes the observed.  I can only see through my own eyes.

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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SWriter said...

Haven't found "pure" either...

With the 4/2 or 2/4 does it matter which one is leads as far as your personal style? Have you tried dressing leading with the 4 or 2? Leave out the "black" if it doesn't work and see how it feels to be a 4/2(for example wear something smooth with wavy designs) or wear something with that flows with straight lines)

It seems,in theory, that not being pinned down to one essence gives you a lot more freedom of expression with your wardrobe.

You may have discovered something here: expressing yourself using a mix of two types or more...mmm