The 4/2 Conundrum

Here's my latest thoughts about how secondaries effect the types.  Obviously behind everything on this blog is my dilemma, am I a 2 or a 4?  But it almost doesn't bother me anymore.  I'm so convinced I am 50/50 or 51/49.

But here's my latest thought about T 2/4 and T 4/2.  Both are quite problematic, in a similar way.

The premise of all this is that T2 is the most yin (yin yin).  And T3 is the most yang (yang yang).  While T1 is yan leading yin, and T4 is yin leading yang.

First, I was thinking about 4/2. I think that 4/2 is the least like the DYT model.  This occurred to me earlier when I was writing about the quality of Bold.  The 4/1 is lifted up and outward by their secondary, and the 4/3 is driven onward by theirs.  Both of these women will be ok with being a little more visible.  The wishy-washy yin/yang of the 4 will topple to the yang side, and thus be ok being bold. (The 4/1 is now double yin and double yang, while the 4/3 becomes triple yang, 1 yin).  But the 4/2 moves the yin-yang even further to the yin side... so all hope is pretty much lost that the 4/2 is going to be anything but a hopeless introvert who does not want attention drawn to herself. (The 4/2 is triple yin, 1 yang).

Now does this work in the case of the 2/4?  So the T2 is the most yin, feminine, reserved, as a double yin.  The secondary four will add just a touch of yang to bolster her up, but it's still the minority.  In the case of the 2/1, it is also just a minorty yang to three yin. (Does the T1 with it's leading yang provide it with anymore strength, I don't know?).  The most outgoing T2 will have the secondary 3 (double yang), but even still they are a balanced double yin to double yang.

Note that the T4/3 is triple yang, 1 yin, thus the most outgoing and strong (in the sense of masculine yang), while the strongest T2 is the 2/3 (which is balanced double yang and double yin).  There are no triple yang T2 (it's impossible).  Two of the T2 combos are triple yins.  Only one of the T4 combos is a triple yin, and that is the T4/2.

So it goes:

  • triple yin, 1 yang:  T4/2 (will not be comfortable going full T4 Bold), T2/4, T2/1
  • double yin, double yang: T2/3, T4/1 (will be comfortable with the typical description of T4, probably with the Bold part).
  • triple yang, 1 yin: T4/3 (will be comfortable with the typical description of a T4, including going Bold)
A third of the T4s will not be comfortable going full T4 Bold.

(I'm too tired at the moment to think about the T2s in the bulleted items)

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane