Astrology Art Chart Collages: Madonna

This is a collage representation of Madonna's astrology:

So she was born in Michigan, so that's always the background I choose if I can. Many may know that she is a Sun sign Leo, but did you know that it is in her private 12th house?  So that's why I put the black and white image of her near the back, looking demure. Her rising sign is Virgo, which I placed in the sky with a young black and white photo of her, looking, dare I say it "like a virgin?"  This is also where her mental Mercury is, the third black and white image with glasses marked "touched for the very first time."  And she also has Moon rising, which is said to make your face appear round, but also means you show your emotions vulnerably (though she may have that down to a crafted art), and is the golden luminescent image at the front of the image.  Her Mars is in Taurus, near the bull, which is of course very earthy.  Her Venus is also in Leo, but here it falls back into the 11th house of groups, so she is able to display her beauty to crowds.

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SWriter said…
What do people do when they only know their sun sign?
Jane Leu Rekas said…
If you know your time of birth, I can run your chart. If you do not, a chart for noon can be ran, but I wouldn't be able to do as much without knowing your rising sign and houses.
SWriter said…
No one remembers my time of birth...
Thank you

By the way have you seen the YT video series called Tea With Louise...if you ever want an interview, I'm sure she'd do one.