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Morphology: Face Reading

Dr. Gerald Epstein


Bilious - Napolean (Choleric)
conquering, domineering, brooding and ruminating
doesn't require much sleep, active constructor-needs to make things happen

Sanguine - Reagan (Sanguine)
action oriented, fickle, good merchant
not terribly philosophical or analytical

Lymphatic - George Washington (Phlegmatic)
kind, tolerant of all other types, listens to his own drummer
prefers ideas to physical activity, not an initiator,
but companionable, accepting, a great organizer

Nervous - Woody Allen  (Melancholic)
darts in and out, doesnt like being in groups for long,
tends to be reclusive, artistic in an imitative way
highly evolved intellect and great perception,
but trouble sustaining things

  • In the sanguine temperament - generally found in a plethoric constitution - there is great animation and buoyancy of spirits, the bodily health is generally good, but when disease does attack the system it runs a rapid and severe course.
  • Choleric temperament is generally found in the bilious constitution. The increased and altered secretion of bile reacting on the moral and mental faculties has a tendency to engender ill-humor, outbursts of rage, and even a revengeful and malignant temper whenever excited. The complexion is generally of a yellowish tinge, the muscular fibre hard, wiry, and tightly strung. The patient is subject to bilious derangements, which are sometimes even provoked by violent fits of excitement.
  • The phlegmatic temperament, generally associated with the feeble or lymphatic constitution, is characterized by slow operations of both the mental and bodily functions, and tardiness and weakness of the reactionary power.
  • A melancholic temperament is readily known by the meditative, gloomy, or retiring disposition. Impressions are deep and lasting, and there is a tendency to look on the dark side and brood often in secret over things, which in the mind of others would be speedily forgotten. The patient is seldom subject to violent impulses or sudden impressions, and is liable to diseases of the stomach and bowels, which often assume a chronic character.

Read more:http://chestofbooks.com/health/materia-medica-drugs/Homoeopathic-Domestic-Practice/Varieties-Of-Constitution-And-Temperament.html#ixzz23ZTAr5U8

Bilious/Choleric: (should be associated with T3)

Square (Earth) face shape: feisty, pugnatious, practical, materialistic  James Cagney or Dr. Ruth

Trapezoidal (Saturn) : meticulous and thorough, hypersexual, willful, slow to act. Clint Eastwood or Julia Roberts
Clint Eastwood has no planets rising.  His rising sign is Scorpio.  His Sun is Gemini and moon is Leo.
Julia Roberts has no planets rising.  Her rising sign is Cancer.  Her Sun is Scorpio and moon is Leo.

Long Trapezoidal (Uranus) : far-thinking, creative (esp. in the area of intellect and ideas), charismatic. Meryl Streep or Edward R. Murrow
Meryl has no planets near the ASC.  She is Leo rising.  Her Sun is Cancer and her moon is Taurus.
Edward has moon almost near the ASC (which should add roundness to the face).  He has Aquarius rising and moon.  His Sun is Taurus.
(Aquarius is ruled by Uranus)

Sanguine: (should be associated with T1)

Rectangular (Mars) : gregarious, social, action-oriented, easily bored. Ronald Reagan or Lucille Ball
Reagan has Mars rising in Sagittarius (which should add red to the hair and receding hairline).  He was an Aquarius with a Taurus moon.
Lucy has her moon rising in Capricorn (which should add roundness to the face). Her Sun is Leo.

Lozenge shaped (Venus): spunky, conciliatory, talkative, involved with social causes, family oriented. Elizabeth Taylor or Tom Cruise
Liz was a Sagittarius rising (no planets near ASC). She was a Pisces with a Scorpio moon.
Tom has Neptune rising in Scorpio (which should add glamour, mystery and chameleon quality).  He has a Cancer Sun and Leo moon.

Oval (Sun) : idealistic, detached, born to lead. Grace Kelly or Dwight Eisenhower
Grace had Venus and Mercury rising in Scorpio (which adds beauty and pointy chin).  Her Sun was also in Scorpio and she had a moon in Pisces.
Dwight had Saturn rising in Virgo (which makes one appear thinner).  He was a Libra Sun and Moon.

Hexagonal (Pluto): loyal, care-taking, aggressive, money-making. Ginger Rogers
Ginger had Gemini rising (no planets near ASC).  She was a Cancer Sun and Pisces moon.

Nervous/Melancholic: (which should correlate with T4, but it doesn't)

Triangular (Mercury): quick minded and quick witted, charming, elegant, show biz types and entertainers Woody Allen or Nancy Reagan, Madonna
Woody has Virgo rising (no planets).  He is a Sagittarius Sun with Aquarius moon.
Nancy was Libra rising (no planets).  She was a Cancer Sun with Leo moon.
(Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini).

Long Triangle (Mercury): philosophical, communicative. Fred Astaire
Fred had Saturn rising in Sagittarius (which causes one to look thinner and bonier).  He was a Taurus Sun with Gemini moon.

Lymphatic/Phlegmatic: (which should correlate with T2)

(Jupiter) Reverse trapezoid: benevolent, paternal, devotional, generous, tolerant. George Shultz or Margaret Thatcher
Margaret has Saturn rising in Scorpio (which causes thin appearance). She is a Libra Sun and Leo moon.

Round (Moon): poetic, lyrical, maternal, rhythm is slow, dreamy. Linda Ronstadt or John Candy
Linda is a Sagittarius Rising (no planets).  Her Sun is Cancer and moon Aquarius.
John was unknown rising sign, with Sun in Scorpio and moon in Cancer.
The Moon rules Cancer.

Oblong (Neptune): artistic in music and art, spiritual, dreamy. Duke Ellington
Duke had Aquarius rising (no planets). His Sun was Taurus and his moon Sagittarius.
Neptune rules Pisces.

Aries - Mars
Taurus - Venus
Gemini - Mercury
Cancer - Moon
Leo - Sun
Virgo - Mercury
Libra - Venus
Scorpio - Pluto (Mars)
Sagittarius - Jupiter
Capricorn - Saturn
Aquarius - Uranus (Saturn)
Pisces - Neptune (Jupiter)

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