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Types and Tones

Before DYT there was:
Suzanne Caygill 1942, book 1980 
Joan Songer & John Kitchener, Personal Style Counselors, 1964
Jane Segerstrom 1980 & 1988
Angela Wright, Color Psychology 1985
Taylore B. Sinclaire IlluminEssensce ~1992
see Types and Tones

Jane Segerstrom
There is another out of print set of books that also has a four type system:
Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo...  c) 1980
Style Strategy: Winning the Appearance Game  c) 1988


"Personality is a useful tool for indicating one's Type, but appearance is equally effective .  If the two were in opposition we'd have a dilemma, but they aren't.  Recent independent research by Frances Quinn, Suzanne Caygill, Joan Songer and Don Cardwell in the San Francisco Bay area has proven one's coloring, bone structure and personality mutually reinforcing.  You're made right." p. 23 Look Like Yourself and Love It.

Suzanne Caygill, Color: The Essence of You 
Joan Songer, originator of Personal Style Counselors 

She cites Tim LaHaye's work on termperments
correlates them with the types.

T-1 Sanguine, T-2 Melancholy, T-3 Choleric, T-4 Phlegmatic
*Note she reverses T-2 and T-4

She actually has a personalized method of choosing your unique colors, but then also gives these guidelines:

T-1 colors are: clear, clean bright
cool grays, clear grays, blacks, creams, beiges, coffees, medium browns, dark browns, navy blues, lemons, limes, kellys, turquoises, aquas, blueberries, raspberry sherberts, grapes, violets, lilacs, lavenders, roses, strawberries, tomatoes, melons, salmons, peaches, orange sherberts, and tangerines.

"wear crisp, smooth fabrics... small scale, round shape detailing on necklines, collars, lapels, buttons, buckles, and jewelry..."

jewelry: "highly polished round earrings, bright and amusing, smooth round beads, creamy pearls, thin gold or silver chains, airy rings of gold loops or flowers or butterflies, heart-shaped silver pin or key chain ornament...."

T-2 colors are: soft, grayed, blended
creamy off-whites, grayed beiges, grayed and pinkish browns, clear and blued grays, blacks, dull navys, soft yellows, soft greens, grayed greens, grayed blue-greens, gentle blues, soft purples, lavenders, mauves, delicate blue-reds, soft reds, roses, pinks and peachtones.

"wears variations of one color head to toe, keeping contrast to a minimum... soft luxurious fabrics... jewelry choices are highly refined; ...pearl... brushed silver ovals..."

jewelry: "exquisite ... look of age... fanciful engraving... glowing cameos, filigreed lavalier, oval locket on narrow velvet ribbon... clusters of stones instead of solitaires, esp. opals, amethysts, garnets, cabochon emeralds, smooth pink coral, pearls, diamonds and other glowing iridescent jewelry."

T-3 colors are: warm, rich, earthy
warm grays, blacks, all the browns, coppers, rusts, brownish reds, reddish purples, burgundies, purples, teals, olives, avacados, acid greens, sages, celerys, golds, golden yellows, and pumpkins

"gauzy or handwoven shirts in earthtones... lapels are sharp and the pocket detailing - angular... buttons are no longer classic; now they're rough-textured metal, bone or woven leather..."

jewelry: "all the metals-copper, nickel, brass, bronze, gold, silver, platinum-worked in unusual, asymmetric designs.  Choose antique, hammered, encrusted effects.  Lion's head, temple dragon or serpent designs, heavy squash-blossom necklace, celtic cross, carved ivory... (etc) ... multiple chains."

T-4 colors are: brilliant, contrasting, clear
all the whites, all the blacks, clear grays, bluish grays, brilliant yellows, shocking oranges, scarlets, fuschias, cerises, red-purples, royal purples, bright royal blues, peacock blues, bright aquas, emerald greens, silver and cool bright pastels.

"best look is a beautiful one, totally understated, no frills, trims, or applied design... clothing with the simplest of lines... but nothing drab....

jewelry: "limit to only ONE important piece for any outfit...Look for strong, clean shapes.  Wear a finely-crafted, highly polished silver arm-bracelet... earrings include half-moons, buttons or drops which do not swing or make a sound... shiny oval pendants... matched strands of pearls/jet beads/crystal beads, silver chains and settings of onyx, sapphine, star sapphire, ruby, emerald or diamond."

Note: she only gives whites to T-4 but give blacks to all the types but T-2s!

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