Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How similar are the seasonal systems with the type systems (DYT, IE, Color Psych, Science PD)?

Type 1 and Tone I etc. wear pastels mainly and probably wouldn't wear the navy, black or charcoal here.  But this could have to do with how to express your secondary, for example clear spring 1/4 might bring in winter's black...

Yep, Type 2 and Tone II wear that grey and navy spectrum.... yep.
Type 3 and Tone III wear the earth color spectrum, but it's interesting that the deep autumn may bring in the secondary 4 with it's black again....

Now, here its interesting that Type 4 and Tone IV are the ones to pair colors with black and white, yet in IlluminEssensce they stress draping both black and white because they note that not all Tone IV's can wear them.

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Unknown said...

perhaps only true winters can wear pure white and pure black. OR bright winters?

Jane Leu Rekas said...

More likely the Bright Winters, Cool Winters run softer. But it depends on the system and the person!

Jane Leu Rekas said... for example