Thursday, August 2, 2012

personal updates

  • As you may know, about a year ago I purchased the Type 2 course and exchanged it later for Type 4.
  • Type 2 or Type 4  I later left the courses altogether after leaving the DYT Type 2 Facebook group and being removed from the DYT Type 4 group for saying that I'm not a fundamentalist.
  • I also was later Toned as a II in IlluminEssensce.  I tried to do a 30 Day Cool Summer challenge.
  • I recently did Irenee Riter's Science of Personal Dress, color tester, and got mostly Winter.

Un Femme D'un Certain Age DYT Review: "There are a lot of different systems and philosophies for categorizing the styles and colors that will be most flattering and work best for each of us. I'm not ready to sign on to any one of them to the exclusion of all others. "


DISC: here.
My earlier results
D(ominance)=36% T3 Choleric
I(nfluence)=4% T1 Sanguine
S(teadiness)=36% T2 Melancholy
C(compliance)=24% T4 Phlegmatic
so I'd be 3/2

But now I got

So High C, followed by S
So that is 4/2

You are conscientiousness, diligent and pay attention to detail. You constantly strive for accuracy and high standards.
You have an inner drive to be systematic and precise in all that you do.
You are a natural choice for work that requires attention to detail and accuracy.

Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively high in Compliance (Phlegmatic):
  • are usually peaceful and adaptable.
  • tend not to be aggressive.
  • tend to be cautious rather than impulsive.
  • avoid risk-taking.
  • act in a tactful, diplomatic way and strive for a stable, ordered life.
  • are comfortable following procedures in both their personal and business life.
They prefer sticking to methods that have proved successful in the past. They have a high acceptance of rules and regulations.

Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively high in Steadiness (Melancholy):
  • are usually patient, calm and controlled.
  • have a high willingness to help others particularly those they consider as friends.
Generally they have the ability to deal with the task in hand and to do routine work with patience and care.

Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively low in Dominance (Choleric):
  • tend to want peace and harmony.
  • prefer to let others initiate action and resolve problems.
  • are quiet and indirect in their approach to most situations.
  • are usually cautious and calculate risks carefully before acting.
They are generally well liked because of their mild and gentle nature. Other people will tend to see them as being patient, calm, thoughtful and a good listener.

Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively low in Influence (Sanguine):
  • are usually socially passive.
  • quite frequently have an affinity for things, machinery and equipment.
  • are generally comfortable working alone.
  • frequently have a tendency to be analytical and once they have sorted the facts out they communicate them in a straightforward direct way.
  • tend to take little at face value.
They may well have learned and developed good social skills but they only bring these into play when logic dictates such tactics.

My results: 88 C and 77 S
Oooh, Anthony Robbins has a very generous DISC test. 

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