Saturday, August 18, 2012

DYT Secondary?

"FAQsDo I need to know my secondary Type before buying my Dressing Your Truth Course?
Most women do not know their secondary Type before buying their Dressing Your Truth course for their Beauty Type. Once you begin to dress and live in your dominant Beauty Type, your secondary Type will start to reveal itself. You do not need to own courses for both Types."

How and Why to LOVE Your Secondary Energy Type

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Even though you're all 4 Types in my Energy Profiling System, you lead with a dominant expression....And your secondary Type can come in a close, well, second... You identify your secondary Energy Type the same way you identify your dominant Energy Type—intuitively. 

We are meant to live consistently in our dominant Energy Type. Our secondary is just meant to be a support. Unfortunately, many adults were wounded as children and overdeveloped their secondary Energy Types because they felt safer that way.

Should I buy another course for my secondary Energy Type?

"NO! You should always dress in your primary Energy Type. If you start to mix you will become more confused and will not create the movement you want to bring out your best look. You will naturally be drawn to how to bring in secondary features..."

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