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Friday, October 7, 2011

Aura Reading for Jane

Aura Reading for Jane
    Before each reading, I like to give a little background on how this reading is done. First, I only read auras and pick up on the energy of the person. At the moment I am not a Reiki Healer. Although this is something I will be pursuing in the near future. In this reading, I will describe the where the energy around your body is located, the colors and what this means for you. If I pick up on anything significant, such as an illness, I will let you know in the reading. As always, if I should spot something health wise, I always suggest seeking a professional and getting their expert advice. Please enjoy your reading. I hope it is as enjoyable for you as it was for me doing the reading J Many Blessings!
    In the first paragraph here, I am going to start with your actual aura color. In the following paragraphs, I will describe other energy colors that are influencing you at the moment. The aura color which you were born with is Blue which is outlining your entire body. You are a very spiritual person and will continue throughout your entire life developing skills surrounding your spirituality and beliefs. Because your energy is also calming, people in your life will turn to you for advice and a shoulder to cry on. Even when you do not speak, you still calm those in your presence. Serenity is what comes to mind with your energy. In addition, you are very creative and inspiring to others. Typically Blue’s tend to have a lot of friends and acquaintances. You make an excellent partner in relationships and friend in friendships because of your loyalty, compassion and willingness to listen to others.
    The next energy color appearing around you is a color influencing you at the current moment is a Caramel color which is appearing to the left side of your body and partially above your head. I found this one to be interesting because it indicates a career change coming that will allow you to utilize previous skills and yet it has some new things involved that will be exciting for you to learn and put to use. I still see you working around healing but instead of Reiki, it is something a little different. When I do the intuitive reading I will see what other information comes up. This change coming is something that will create prosperity for you because it will be something you enjoy a great deal and I see you meeting new people with whom you build good client relations with. Very positive and exciting. Also, this new career will involve your spiritual beliefs with working on the emotional aspects of others along with the physical.
    The energy influencing you next is the color is a Crimson shade of Red. You must have several things going on in your life that require major decisions. There is a lot of change going on around you. There is only a small amount of this color appearing in front of your face and chest area. This color helps in decision-making. Therefore, as it grows, the ability to make decisions more clearly will become easier. Right now it seems like the universe gave you all these decisions to make on different aspects of your life and in order to know which ones to make, you will need to step back from the situation and think about it when you are at ease. Maybe go for a walk in nature to clear your mind and allow yourself to relax. The answers will come to you. Crimson is known to offer spiritual guidance and protection.
    Lastly, the color Green, more of an Emerald Green, is appearing around the bottom half of your body. I am not sure if you were recently married or if your husband and you had a romantic getaway but this color tends to mean strong love, attraction and affection. You have so many positive energies around you that your love life and career are very well balanced here. Emerald Green also indicates there is prosperity and wealth in your future. I feel as though this will be coming through your new career choice that will affect you in the very near future, I would say early December.
    Overall, you have a few energies that are playing a part in your life at the moment but these energy colors will go in and out of your aura from time to time. Most of them are showing you as going through a change in your career which will affect your financial status. You are also radiating a very loving energy that is causing you to “shine” more than usual. Sort of like the glow a woman would get in early pregnancy. It is a glow of innocence, love and just a well-being. Enjoy, your life is about to take on a very positive and happy direction J

Follow-Up Question for Jane
Follow-Up: My husband has not been typed DYT or toned IE, and I think he's a 1/3 or a 3/1. Which do you see?

In figuring out your husbands DYT/Tones I had to get an idea on his energy, so I will tell you a little bit of what I saw. Most of his aura is a more vibrant red color; I would compare it to the shade of red you would find in many designs from India. Very vibrant and alive. Meaning he is a natural leader but has a tendency from time to time to be more quiet. Sometimes he can become intimidated by others but he would never want to show that. In his career he is going to advance rapidly next year, 2012, and part of this advancement will have to do with his confidence building and that shy part of him will step back a little more than usual. So, for his DYT/Tone I am getting that he is a 3/1. Just for the fun of it, some other colors influencing him right now are yellow (high intelligence), Light Orange (slight shyness) and Mint Green (Financial Gain).

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Bridgett said...

Wow! I didn't know you also could read auras, Jane! Unfortunately I can't see them in as great depth as you and see about their problem areas, etc :( Mine might even just be related to my synesthesia.

-Bridgett Kathleen