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Friday, October 7, 2011

Intuitive Reading for Jane

Intuitive: I'm a therapist and I worked in agencies for 20 years. I am now in private practice... Now I'm doing Reiki at times, astrology at times, more groups, learning Hypnosis. My question is about career possibilities for my future...
    Well, I am seeing a few different things here. At first, I had a vision of a tree and then the tree branching out. To me, that means you are going to start with one career path but then that career is going to branch out into other possibilities for income. Now, as far as the actual career, I see you working for someone else first but then you are going to go off on your own completely. It looks like it is going to start with the Reiki and then you are going to add Hypnosis to your list of services. The next service I see you learning/adding sort of caught me off guard but has been ringing in my ears since I meditated on your questions. Have you considered Acupuncture? There is someone you will meet and may have already met who does this and is going to help you to get started in it. The reason it kept ringing in my head was that it is being shown to me as a major source of income. This service is going to really take off and send you in a different direction career wise. You are a natural healer, your hands and your energy altogether is very healing. I do see you eventually doing astrology charts but this is not going to be a large source of income for you. The main thing is going to be the healing services you will offer. I keep hearing you were meant to heal, this is YOUR thing. It’s your path in life. The more you develop your natural skills, the more the doors will open to manifest the type of income you deserve. I feel as though you had been cheated out of quite a bit in the past. Everything that you were cheated out of and lost in the past is going to start coming back to you over the next year, and it will grow from there. I am seeing a good deal of wealth in your future. I do not know if you are aware of this. I see it coming in through you but also through a man around you. Husband?
    As far as the IlluminEssensce/DYT goes, I am getting that your primary tone is 3 and your secondary is 2. It is so close to each other that it is possible that it is 2/3 instead of 3/2. I really had to concentrate to get the order on that but really feel that it is 3/2.
    Some other things that came up in the reading. There is a new beginning showing for you in about a month’s time. This new beginning or new idea came from you deciding to make a change in your life in a more positive direction. With this, you are also going to be meeting new people that will help you to achieve your goals and these new people are going to be a support for you, your strength in developing and balancing all aspects of your life. When you look back on your life 2 years from now, this old life is going to seem like a completely different lifetime. So many changes, I feel good about them. It looks as though the energy in the core areas of your body is circulating very well, too. Meaning your mental and physical health is going to improve dramatically as well. When I see what is coming, I feel energized and happy. The love, career, money, all relationships, and health will all line up over the next year. I am also seeing a new young person around you. I do not know if this is a child through marriage or if you are planning to have children but this is a new young soul entering your life within the next 2 years. It might possibly be a child of a friend or family member but they are showing as if they are going to play a significant part of your life. Someone you will be close with.
    Lastly, anytime there are so many changes in our life, there also will be many decisions we have to make. This will be a major part of your near and distant future. I am not sure if you are currently working for someone or if you already started this business of yours but there is going to be a difficult decision to make in the future, around January, where you are going to break away from either an employer, business partner or client. The breakup of this relationship is related to business. This is someone you feel a little sad leaving behind but you also know that you need to in order to flourish in your own career. They might be a negative energy that never has anything good to say or just someone that drains you of your energy, but your life will become much healthier mentally and physically once you make the break. With that said, I want to encourage you to use your intuition. It will be very high around early April and continue through July. You have good intuition but it will be heightened during those months, which will help in all the decision-making. You have so many skills that you will finally be able to maximize and earn what you deserve from it. As you begin using the skills you already have and developing new ones, you will see the transformation in your income happening rapidly.
    As with any reading, nothing is set in stone. You can speed things up, slow things down and even alter the outcome based on your decisions. Whatever path you choose to follow, I wish you the best of luck and many blessings!

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