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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secondary Energies

Within all the systems I've been exploring here, there is a message that you have a dominant energy, tone or essence.  If you dress to express that internal aspect of yourself, your inner and outer expression will be in harmony.  What happens fairly quickly though is people have resistance to being in just one box and notice how they don't quite fit into it and this brings up the idea that we vary more than 4 seasons, types, tones, or 4 or 5 elements, etc.  So in color analysis, this led from 4 seasons to 12, where within each primary season, you had a blend with each of the others.  So within being a summer, I have winter qualities, equaling "cool summer."  Or as a Tone II, I wonder if I'm a II/IV.  You don't find out your secondary in IlluminEssensce unless you take a 4 Day Intensive.  I've had two profressionals other than Taylore think I was a 4, so I'm suspecting it's my secondary.  I also had a psychic feel I was a 2/3 or 3/2, but I really doubt that I have much 3 aspects, other than the ability to get a lot done, which could also be 2.

The thing is I did not feel I found my radiance when I was trying to dress cool summer.  Taylore suggests that you dress in your primary purely in order to express it clearly and thus get the benefits cellularly.  I think one thing I realized also is that you might be able to bring in some of your secondary, but it would be a mistake to make it 50%, or equal to your primary, as you will wash out both energies.  I don't know.  I'm torn.  I want to dress fully Tone II and it has been good for me when I have relaxed into it, and I still find a tendency to let  a little more 4 structure come in recently.  In one way this has been through my hair.  I went to get it dyed professionally and they matched to my roots and now it appears black, despite using color oops and twice dyeing brown over the top.  The thing is as I get more length, I'm sort of getting more used to it.

The other piece we've learned as a group over at EYT is that we often hide out in our secondaries.  If we were already dressing in our primary energy, we would already be naturally radiant and wouldn't be pursuing any of these systems.  So, by that logic when we try to figure out our inner essence on our own, if we haven't been professionally toned, we are going to have to correct for subconcious biases in favor of the safety of our seconaries.  We are going to have resistance to our primary energy because of how we have been socialized to repress it.

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Barbara said...

You are obviously relaxing into your Tone II and having a lot of fun trying out new colours and combinations. The hair thing is minor - it will grow out, and hair colour varies so widely anyway. Is this the encouragement I need to try out a full-on 4/IV - going back to black and white and bolder colours, structured lines, perhaps even dyeing my hair (oh no!)