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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Planetary Influence on Appearance & Personality


"Each of the planets have a specific influence on the appearance and demeanor if within 10 degrees of the rising degree. Sometimes there's a combination of factors at work if multiple planets are positioned there.

With the Sun rising, the first impression is of a commanding presence. The eyes are most striking, with a forceful, direct look. This position tends to a well-proportioned stature; clear complexion and light hair with a tendency toward pre-mature balding. The jaw line and chin are definite; the mouth wide and firm. These individuals exude a presence of leadership. Nicholas Cage has the Sun rising.

A rising Moon inclines to a round face, snub nose and cheeks that are fairly flat. Natural worriers, these people often have frown lines and a mouth that turns down at the corners. Sympathetic, the feelings usually show in the expression like a beacon, as they are super sensitive to subtle messages around them. Of small stature and "chunky" hands and feet, there’s a tendency toward plumpness in later years. With a rapidly flowing variability of mood, these people are prone to phases and often quite “personable”. See the chart of Madonna who has a rising Moon. James Van Praagh also has his Moon rising.

Mercury rising inclines to an oval face, high cheekbones, pointed chin, a thin nose and slender features overall. The eyebrows are arched over intelligent eyes and the mouth, though wide may lack decisiveness. There are signs of much mental agility and sometimes, restlessness. The hands are also slender and add an expressive dimension to the demeanor. A forever-youthful appearance goes along with Mercury in this position. George W. Bush and Madonna and Nicolas Cage and Ted Turner have Mercury rising.

When Venus is rising, the personality is pleasing and the voice gentle. The nose is slightly pointed, eyes calm; often blue or brown and the hair soft. These individuals incline to a short and well-proportioned stature. With elegance, grace, poise, beauty and a vivacious manner, these are the socialites and mediators of the zodiac and generally welcomed in any circle. Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Bill Clinton are examples of Venus rising.

Mars rising inclines to heavy eyebrows over direct or piercing eyes and the overall demeanor is of decisiveness and forceful energy. With high forehead and cheekbones, the nose is long, the mouth chin firm. Mars gives a strong and stocky body and a ruddy complexion from excess iron in the system. The hair may also be red and is usually curly or wiry. There could be a mole or mark on the face and the temper often shows livid. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have Mars rising. So does Neil Armstrong.

Jupiter rising gives an oval, aristocratic face; quite refined with a long straight nose and pointed chin. The hair is wavy and the kindly, expressive eyes are wide set and almond shaped under arched eyebrows. The manner is paternal and the stature is well formed, with a tendency to portliness in later years. Jane Fonda and Clark Gable are examples of Jupiter rising.

Saturn rising inclines to a serious expression that may best be described as grim. Deep furrow lines on the forehead and shrewd eyes accompany a reserved set to the mouth and jaw to show ambition and perseverance. The bones are large and the body slender and there may be signs of stooping with age. With curly hair, the skin is often darker than ordinary from excess sulfur in the system or else it is more pale than ordinary. Sean Connery and Clark Gable are examples of Saturn rising.

Uranus rising tends to light and lively eyes that are brilliant and keen. With a strong nose and wide mouth there’s an air of nobility and an aloof glamour. The jaw line tends to be fleshy. These individuals are original if somewhat abrupt in manner and there’s a somewhat spasmodic nature about them. These individuals show length of limb and a tendency to the slender side. Often there’s at least one effeminate feature no matter the gender. John Travolta has Uranus rising and could this be the dimple in his chin?

Neptune rising tends toward finely organized features and oval face, with a small nose and pointed chin. The eyebrows are arched over large round, hypnotic eyes. The hair naturally retreats from the temples. With a somewhat ethereal look, there’s a mystical quality of charm and the mouth may be sensual. Due to a tendency toward the loss of vital fluids, the face may wrinkle prematurely. Marilyn Monroe showed the alluring appeal of Neptune rising.

Pluto rising tends toward a dark and swarthy appearance with penetrating eyes under heavy eyebrows. The cheekbones are flat and somewhat fleshy, with a firm mouth and determined chin. The build is rugged and sturdy with physical strength that is greater than the body size suggests. The skin is delicate and except for fine hair on the head there’s little on the rest of the body. Michael Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio shows traits of a rising Pluto. JFK Jr. also had this Pluto position and with the North Node attending, his height was increased beyond the average.

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