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Friday, June 24, 2011

Type 2 or 4?

Type 2 Soft & Subtle (close to 100%)

  • Softened and blended features - yes
  • Elongated S curves and ovals -yes
  • Skin and texture, subdued, not a lot of contrast - yes
  • Smooth texture, ages gracefully - yes
  • Oval face shape, elongated cheek -yes
  • Tear drop nose -yes
  • Half oval eyebrowns - not really
  • Big almond shape eyes, doe eyes, heavy lidded - YES
  • Blended mouth, skin tone of lips and face are close, yes
  • Top lip has S curve - often
  • Smooth hands, young looking, long flowing fingers with oval nail beds - yes

Type 2 messages I got as a child: (2)
You are too sensitive.
You are shy.
Hurry up, you take too long.
You ask too many questions.
You may have been the Type of little girl who was uncomfortable your first day of school, did not like sleepovers and hated it when you were left with a baby-sitter you did not know.
On the positive side:
You are so nice and kind.
You are sweet.
You are so easy-going and easy to get along with.
How many collections did you say you have had?

Type 4 Bold & Striking (close to 50%)

  • Constant and still features - somewhat
  • Striking and porcelain - somewhat
  • sculptured look - not really
  • Parallel lines, perfect ovals - some
  • Elongated oval or rectangle shape face - no
  • High cheek bones - no
  • Very symmetrical - I guess
  • Most straight nose bridge - yes
  • Eyebrows are straight lines - in pictures sometimes
  • Eyes are oval - yes
  • Smiling keep lips together - often
  • Perfect straight line in lips - somewhat
  • Hands smooth, fingers and nails have parallel lines - yes

Type 4 messages I received: (6)
You are such a loner.
You need to be more social.
You are such a quiet little girl.
You need to make more friends and be more outgoing.
You are so picky.
You’re such a know-it-all.
You are too serious.
You need to smile more.
On the positive side:
You act so grown up.
Everybody knows where you stand on an issue.
You are so independent.
Your room is immaculate!
You are so neat!
You are very trustworthy.


Jeanine Byers said...

I am not sure about this, but I think you might be giving away the farm a bit with the list of facial features. They did create a video where they listed some but I think they then took that off YouTube and put it within the paid courses.

*ducks* :)

Jane said...

it's not in the book? i will hide it