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Monday, June 27, 2011

Preliminary Weeding

Well, that actually helped a lot!  I just went through one section of my closet and sorted everything into Type 2 or Type 4 and hung them back up.  Everything else that was another type will either get dyed or replaced.  That's one step forward.
Type 2 items on the left, Type 4 items on the right

the rest of these clothes need to be dyed or replaced
So initially I thought I was a 4 and realized the logic of DYT is to have congruence with my authority and boldness and not hide it in my clothing.  But then the facial profiling was overwhelming Type 2, so for a period of time I really relaxed into the part of me that is ultra sensitive and compassionate.  Then I got confronted on my Type 4 I guess.  Now I'm lost. Not ready to get off the fence either direction, which I hate.

P.S. We are going into PDX tonight.  Maybe I will go to Good Will again.  I need some more true color items and some silver that is shiny and some that is brushed.

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