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Friday, June 24, 2011

DYT Conflict

8:16 AM: I guess I have a love/hate relationship with conflict.  Today Carol Tuttle posted something in the Type 2 group on facebook.  I reacted very strongly to it and posted that.  In my response, I revealed my Type 4 nature, either secondary or primary (not sure).  I wasn't questioning her point or her passion, just defending my hurt sense from her delivery.  As a 2 or a 4, maybe I have difficulty with 3 energy.  It's so not me.  (And maybe more like my mom?).

I have felt a surge of hope by being in the Type 2 group on facebook - hope that I found somewhere I belong.  Carol even told me that maybe I'm a 4.  So the ultimate feeling that I don't belong anywhere I think I do was unfortunately a bit confirmed, alas.  Wow, I'm going to need to take the day away from this.

5:10 PM: Ok, I guess I'm over it.  But it sure does have me thinking.  This whole process has me in confusion.  I think I need to be careful to not take this so seriously.  There are many systems to look at your self with and this isjust one, a young one at that.  I even think it's a little dangerous that it's a fashion system trying to accomplish some therapy goals outside of that context.  I know it stirs up a lot of feelings.  And today they weren't safe ones.  But it's getting better.

As for whether I'm a 2 or a 4, it occurs to me that I don't have to quickly decide that.  I believe actually in many ways I'm both.  I'm not denying myself unless I force picking one.  I actually thought I was a 4 by my personality but was convinced I'm a 2 by my facial profiling.  And then Carol on very quick analysis said she saw mostly 4.  Exhale.

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