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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My husband Greg

My husband, Greg

Type 3:
Textured and angled, more depth in linesChiseled features
Ruddy skin, hyper pigmentation
Triangles in cheeks, V shapes
Angular or beak like nose, lump of clay,

Eyebrows come to a peak, off centered
Eyes have exotic look
Mouth has boomerang shape
Multiple smile lines

Hands have most texture, roughness

Type 3:
You are too demanding.
You are too pushy.
You are so tough.
You need to be more like a gentleman.
You are too rough.
Calm down, relax.
On the positive side:
You get things done so quickly.
You’re a natural leader.
What a great athlete!
You always know just what you want and go for it!

Type 1:
Animated, youthful, cute
Skin is clean, fresh youthful, random blotches
Apple cheeks with dimples
Round face, ears sticking out
Button nose, upward light movement
Or point of the star nose
Eye brows come to a point, eyes are round
Mouth heart shaped, or pouty, bottom lip fuller
Hands are small and youthful, cherub hands
circle shaped
Circular nail beds

Type 1:
Stop moving.
You’re such a busy little body.
You are too hyper.
You are too bouncy.
You live in a dream world. Settle down.
On the positive side:
You are so much fun to be around.
You make friends so easily.
You dance and sing so well.

Greg is definitely a 3:

I'm not so sure about his secondary, it might be 1:

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