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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sister Wives Types

By Jane Rekas , first published 6/3/11, updated 7/30/13

I'm going to figure out the types of the sister wives from Dressing Your Truth system.
Now I'm going to update it.

Janelle, Christine, Kody, Meri, Robyn

Kody is Type 4 with parallel lines on eyebrows, nose and smile, with boxy face shape
Yes, he has T4 qualities, but now I see a lot of T1 also.

Meri has Type 1 features of bright animated upward movement and features; she looks better when she has her hair flip up than when she straightens it.  I think she is a 1/3 probably.

Janelle has Type 2 features with soft downward movement and teardrop nose.
The thing is she is the brains of the whole family, but hey maybe it's T2 organization.

Christine also has Type 1 features with heart shapes and points of stars in her face.
Now I'm wondering if she isn't actually T3.

Robyn has Type 3 features with multiple smile lines, triangles in cheeks, beaky nose.
She also has some secondary 4 with parallel lines in smile and boxy face shape.
Actually now I think her secondary is T2, she is so sweet.  And she seems to live in her secondary.

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