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Universal Styles: Non-Classic Styles

Universal Style

The Classic Styles were mentioned in an earlier post. "Sporty, Traditional and Elegant.. are classic. They are timeless, enduring styles which all for easy coordination and wardrobe building. Most women benefit from having one classic style as the foundation of their wardrobe. It saves them time and money."

Non-Classic Styles

"The four other styles (Feminine, Alluring, Creative and Dramatic) are non-classic and add variety and spice to the wardrobe." "A woman may require all seven styles in the course of her life."

Feminine styles, which relates to a modest version of Romantic in other systems, are items you would wear to children's events, church functions, craft fairs, garden parties, luncheons, receptions, teas, volunteering or weddings.

Romantic: Feminine and supportive
  • Clothing: soft, covered up
  • Accessories: detailed, heirloom


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FEMININESoft and Romantic
Messaging: This style often projects a sense of lady-likeness and delicacy, is approachable, warm and caring.  Women who fall into this category are often good-natured caretakers, soft-spoken or mannered and have interest in more traditionally feminine activities and professions (teachers, nurses, counseling, intimate apparel or home-related industries).
Easily recognizable elements of Feminine Style are:
  • Loose hourglass silhouettes with modesty but still acknowledging the feminine shape, lengths are longer, colors are softer and pastel, light neutrals. Fabrics are soft and touchable, lightweight or cozy and patterns are floral, paisley, dots or can even have a “wallpaper feel to them.”
  • Brands that exemplify Feminine Style are: Eileen Fisher, Anthropologie, Laura Ashley, Jessica McClintock, Ella Moss, Free People, Betsy Johnson Nanette Lapore, (some)
  • Celebrities that are Feminine are: Princess Diana, Melanie Griffith, Nicole Kidman, Lisa Kudrow (as her character in Friends)

Alluring styles, which relates to a sensual version of Romantic in other systems, are items you would wear to go dancing, to gala events, night life, parties, pool and patio parties, resort vacations and in warm weather.

Alluring: Sexy and glamorous
  • Clothing: tight-fitting, bare, seductive
  • Accessories: strategically placed


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ALLURINGSexy and Glamorous
Messaging: This style is captivating and sensual, flirtatious, and seductive. The woman who has this style is comfortable with her body, revels in her feminine shape, is bold and outgoing, loves glamour and is likely social.  They often fall into industries such as entertainment, fitness, media, or fashion/style.
Easily recognizable elements of Alluring Style are:
  • Fitted, body-conscious fabrics that make the figure obvious, hourglass silhouette with little or no detailing; colors are vibrant and rich and fabrics are stretchy/knit and can range from leather to silk.
  • Brands that exemplify Alluring Style are: Bebe, Versace, BCBG, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Diane von F
  • Celebrities that are Alluring are: Eva Longoria, J-Lo, Sharon Stone, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Kim Cattrall (on and off screen)

Creative styles, which relates to Creative in few other systems, are items you would wear to go to the ballet, concerts, fashionshows, gallery showings, museums, music review, opera and the theater. The Creative style supports the arts and is artistic.

Creative: Original and artistic
  • Clothing: mixing a variety of colors, patterns, styles
  • Accessories: eclectic, unusual


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CREATIVEOriginal and Artistic
Messaging: Creatives are seen as imaginative and free, inventive, unique, spontaneous and sometimes quirky.  They often do work in creative fields or have creative hobbies and interest; fashion, arts, dance, stylists, writers, design, music, etc.  They take risks and their wardrobe is often a function of their creative urges.
Easily recognizable elements of Creative Style are:
  • Mixing of anything and everything, unpredictable or unique combination of fabrics, textures and styles. Garments can be layered, very colorful, and silhouette isn’t a focus but often a result of the combination of pieces.  Outfits often will have “themes”.  All patterns, textures, and colors are used in a creative’s wardrobe; no limits or restrictions.
  • Brands that exemplify Creative Style are: Betsy Johnson, Anthropologie, Agnes B, Issey Miyake, Nicole Miller, Jean Paul Gautier
  • Celebrities that are Creative: Whoopi Goldberg, Olson Twins, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker (as her character in SATC)

Dramatic styles, which relates to Dramatic in other systems, are items you would wear to go to fashion shows, gala events, night clubs, opening nights, parties, premiers and press events.

Dramatic: Striking and sophisticated
  • Clothing: exaggerated, contrasting
  • Accessories: bold, sculpted

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DRAMATICFashionable and Sophisticated
Messaging: Dramatic dress is perceived confident and self-assured, assertive, bold, urban, powerful, fashion-forward, and have an intense attractiveness about them.  They have a commanding presence and are easily intimidating, charismatic and unapologetic in their dress.  More often, they populate the fields of entertainment, fashion, marketing, art, media, consulting, PR, etc.
Easily recognizable elements of Dramatic Style are:
  • Non-classic style but with some structured shape, exaggerated lines and silhouettes, colors are the darkest darks and lightest lights, saturated color with high-contrast combinations (black and white).  Garments are often large scaled and make “statements.”
  • Brands that exemplify Dramatic Style are: Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan, Christian Dior, YSL, BCBG Maxazria, Prada, Missoni,
  • Celebrities that are Dramatic: Kim Cattrall (on-screen), Iman, Paloma Picasso, Diana Ross

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