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"Sporty, Traditional and Elegant.. are classic. They are timeless, enduring styles which all for easy coordination and wardrobe building. Most women benefit from having one classic style as the foundation of their wardrobe. It saves them time and money."

Classic Styles

Sporty styles, which relates to Natural/Athletic in other systems, are casual items in your closet, for sport activities and spectating, outdoor hobbies such as gardening or hiking, leisure and travel, as well as informal gatherings and volunteering.

Sporty: Friendly and casual
  • Clothing: loose, layered
  • Accessories: classic, practical


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SPORTY:  friendly and casual
Messaging: Through this style, you’re communicating a friendliness, energetic, natural, casual, happy, and optimistic message.  Typically people who are all or mostly Sporty in style are easy going, unpretentious, relaxed, value ease in their wardrobe and are often in “people oriented occupations.”
Easily recognizable elements of the Sporty Style (not to be confused with athletic wear) are:
  • All American look with functionality, semi-structured characteristics in neutral (not striking or overly-bold) colors and patterns in natural fabrics.
  • Brands that exemplify sporty are: Polo, J Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Timberland, Talbots, American Eagle Outfitters, Levis, Kate Spade, Lacoste
  • Celebrities that are Sporty:  Ellen Degeneres,  Rachael Ray, Jane Fonda, Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton

Traditional styles, which relates to Classic or Traditional in other systems, are basic items in your closet, appropriate for business purposes like interviews as well as business casual as determined by your work environment, also community boards or court appearances.

Traditional: Conservative, reliable, and businesslike

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TRADITIONALConservative and Businesslike
Messaging: Through this style, one is communicating messages of trustworthiness and loyalty, accuracy, credibility, maturity, responsibility, organization, and honesty. Typically those who fall into this category are in financialy, government, real estate, education, admin, or insurance-related fields. Easily recognizable elements of Traditional Style are:
  • A business-like image, always polished, neat and tidy; conservative with tailored lines, structured fabrics and shapes, in neutral and dark colors without a any “flash” or bold details.  (Think suits, straight trousers and blouses, skirts and classic shoes with no embellishments).
  • Brands that exemplify Traditional are: Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Jones of New York, Talbot’s, J Crew (some), Pink
  • Celebrities that are Traditional are: Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton

Elegant styles, which relates to Classic in other systems, are your better basic items reserved for ceremonial events, like weddings or church functions, charity events, formal dining, cultural events, public appearances and receptions.

Elegant: Refined and stately
  • Clothing: polished, pared down, often monochromatic
  • Accessories: coordinated, fine quality


ELEGANTRefined and Stately
Messaging: With an Elegant style, you are communicating an air of confidence, flawlessness, timelessness, distinguished, grace and are always polished, restrained and dignified.  Those who fall into this category are often times in high-profile, public positions (PR, politics, etc.). There is an element of formality and prestige to this sense of style.
Easily recognizable elements of Elegant Style are:
  • Suits are a definite key element and clothing is simple and exceptionally-made.  Garments are elongated gently showing the female form with slight definition to the body
  • Colors are monochromatic or “tone-on-tone” and fabrics are lightweight natural, expensive
  • Brands that exemplify Elegant style are: Ann Klein, Donna Karen, St. John, Valentino, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Pink
  • Celebrities that are Elegant are: Jackie O, Diane Sawyer, Audrey Hepburn, Kristin Davis (as Charlotte in Sex and the City), and Nina Garcia (Project Runway)

Non Classic Styles in this post

"The four other styles (Feminine, Alluring, Creative and Dramatic) are non-classic and add variety and spice to the wardrobe." "A woman may require all seven styles in the course of her life."

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