Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Universal Style

In a previous post, on Flexibility of Style, I made the suggestion to avoid forcing yourself into one style, in that case in the McJimsey categories.  Of course there are various sources of categories as well.  Debra Lindquist recommended I look in the system by Alyce Parsons.  I got her book called "What's My Style?" though she has other titles as well.  I discovered that Parsons also recommends a fluid use of style categories.

"Universal Style is flexible and creative, able to change and alter to fit the woman. As she changes, so does her style; so, it is always an accurate reflection of who she is and what she wants."

"Sporty, Traditional and Elegant.. are classic. They are timeless, enduring styles which all for easy coordination and wardrobe building. Most women benefit from having one classic style as the foundation of their wardrobe. It saves them time and money." "The four other styles (Feminine, Alluring, Creative and Dramatic) are non-classic and add variety and spice to the wardrobe." "A woman may require all seven styles in the course of her life."

"How to combine styles: You can (1) incorporate the principal clothing characteristics which capture or personify the style or (2) add the dominant accessories which are integral to the style. Either of these choices will give you an immediate identification with the style."

Style and Essence

by Alyce M. Parsons 

Ashley Schafer's Boards on the Universal Styles
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