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Flexibility of Style

I created this side blog to show how many ways opinions there are about the color seasons of different celebs.  I've always thought that this is because a common quality of a good actress is the ability to morph their look for different parts.  In recent re-reading of McJimsey's book on style,  Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection ,   she makes a similar comment about their style.  First she reminds us that most people are a composite of types, which is actually advantageous, because we can wear more styles of clothing and accessories, and makeup and hairstyles, and thus also express more.  She states that some actresses are actually composites of some of the most pleasing qualities of all the style types, which is why they can highlight one aspect of themselves or another for each role, particularly through varying their voice, posture and behavior to fit the character's style.

So I wanted to make the point that when you look at your McJimsey scores, don't try to force yourself into one type, unless you have say more than 60% of that category, and even then, allow yourself several ways of expressing your combination of styles.

 You are your very own combination of yin and yang elements (height, body type, bone structure, facial features, hair, etc, read outer and inner lines link below). This post is not meaning to indicate that everyone will have two dominant styles close to equal. Some of you will have one very dominant style and can choose to dress quite distinctively. Others of you will have a composite of many styles that allows you quite a bit of versatility in your style expression.

read: Outer and Inner Design Lines

 McJimsey style quiz

Let'e look at my latest scores I give myself:
50% Classic, 20% Natural, 15% Dramatic, 15% Romantic, 5% Gamine
Classic is balanced yin/yang, Natural is yang, Dramatic is yang, Romantic is balance, Gamine is yin

But then let's break it down by sections of the quiz

Overall (1 to 3) - These seem like the determinants of possible outside lines

1. HEIGHT a- Dramatic: Tall above 5'7" YANG
2. BODY SHAPE/BUILD e- Romantic: hourglass figure, pear-shaped figure, long legged, slight fleshy, mature, average height to short BALANCED YIN/YANG
3. POSTURE b- Natural: relaxed and casual or vigorous and alert, weight well balanced on feet, solid flat heeled YANG
Because I am 5'10" I should wear these longer lines.  
This is part of where I get a 15% Dramatic score.

Because I am hourglass, I should be conscious of not hiding the waist I have, or I look H.
This is part of where I get a 15% Romantic score.

I don't qualify as having any of the other postures, so there is a casual, informality this conveys.
This is part of where I get a 20% Natural score.
Keeping in mind that Natural is not really indicated for Cool Winter, at least according to Kentner.

Head Features (4 to 9)  - These seem like the determinants of possible inner lines
I have 4 points for Classic and one Natural and one Gamine, so mostly I should wear Classic inner lines, but I can add in Natural and Gamine from time to time
(50% Classic, 20% Natural, 15% Dramatic, 15% Romantic, 5% Gamine)

4. HEAD/FACE b- Natural: broad or long, rectangular, square or softened jaw; wide forehead YANG
5. EYES d- Classic: average sized; clear, direct but not imposing gaze BALANCED YIN/YANG
6. EYEBROWS d- Classic: gently arched, pleasing BALANCED YIN/YANG
7. NOSE d- Classic: average sized; straight, aquiline; unexaggerated, well shaped BALANCED YIN/YANG
8. MOUTH d- Classic: average sized; well-molded; clean lip line; neither full and rounded nor flat lips BALANCED YIN/YANG
9. HAIR c- Gamine: short or long; straight or wiry curls; cornrows; shaggy layers; ponytail and bangs; short Afro; short jheri curls, wispy curls next to face   YANG, I wear a pixie cut

Coloring (10 to 13)
here I have 2 Dramatic and 2 Classic

10. OVERALL COLORING a- Dramatic: extreme definition and contrast (most often Winter) YANG
11. HAIR COLOR a- Dramatic: black; dark auburn; dark brown; with age, bleached blonde, stark white or white streak YANG
12. SKIN COLOR d- Classic: clear; no strong contrast; even toned and textured; if light skin, porcelain quality BALANCED YIN/YANG
13. EYE COLOR d- Classic:any color including grey, eyes are not a more noticeable feature than any other on the face BALANCE YIN/YANG
I can wear Dramatic color combinations, but because I am a Patrician Winter, similar to a Soft Winter, I should probably choose Classic combinations,which are softer.

This is my Patrician Winter Caygill palette.

Manner (14 to 20) - this is how I see my energy
4 Classic, 2 Natural and 1 Romantic

14. BEHAVIOR d- Classic: gracious; poised; well-mannered; modest, calm, conventional BALANCED YIN/YANG
15. MANNER d- Classic: harmonious refinement, serene and content BALANCED YIN/YANG
16. VOICE d- Classic: well-modulated; pleasing, soft, clear; laugh is slightly subdued BALANCED YIN/YANG
17. WALK/ GESTURE b- Natural: casual and easy; relaxed and natural; long free-swinging strides; nothing "light" in their gate or movements, may stand with hands on hips YANG
18. AGE APPEAR e- Romantic: not the youthfulness of childhood (appears "over 20"), but never appears old BALANCED YIN/YANG
19. ENVIRONMENT b- Natural: Home is comfortable, cozy and warm -- nothing too formal or "precious" and they might live in Anchorage YANG
20. DOMINANT EXPRESSION d- Classic: able to be both a leader of others and to be a fair team player BALANCED YIN/YANG

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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