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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Personality Plus series!

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Personality Plus: How to Understand Others ...  Florence Littauer's Personality Plus original book in her series, is great.  She looks at the strengths of all the temperaments first, followed by chapters on the strategies to help each deal with their challenges. She addresses how we...
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In this book, in Florence Littauer's series "Personality Plus," she applies the four greek humors to understanding children's temperaments and how to parent the four types.  She also goes through all the combinations of parent and child temperaments. Sanguine is "Popular" Phlegmatic is...
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Florence Littauer applies her Personality Plus system to couples.  Sanguine is "Popular", Phlegmatic is "Pleasant", Choleric is "Powerful" and Melancholy is "Perfect."  For those of us interested in the seasonal color analysis use of Grieek Humors, Sanguine is like Spring or T1, Phlegmatic...
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Here Florence Littauer and Rose Sweet apply the "Personality Plus" approach to the greek humors to understanding interactions at work. Personality Plus at Work: How to Work Successfully with Anyone by Florence Littauer  (Author), Rose Sweet  "No matter where...

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