McJimsey/Northrup Dominant Styles with Secondaries

Dramatic Secondaries 

Natural Secondaries

Classic Secondaries

POLYVORES BY Solania Rose and others
*not possible
Natural Dramatic
Natural Classic
Natural Romantic
Natural Ingenue
Natural Gamine
Natural Angelic
Classic Dramatic
Classic Natural
Classic Romantic
Classic Ingenue
Classic Gamine
Classic Angelic
Romantic Dramatic
Romantic Natural
Romantic Classic
Romantic Ingenue
Romantic Gamine
Romantic Angelic
Ingenue Dramatic*
*not possible
Ingenue Natural
Ingenue Classic
Ingenue Romantic
Ingenue Gamine
Ingenue Angelic
Gamine Dramatic
Gamine Natural
Gamine Classic
Gamine Romantic
Gamine Ingenue
Gamine Angelic
Angelic Dramatic Angelic is also called Ethereal

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