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It all goes back to Caygill...

This comes from my color analysis timeline.

You can either link students directly to Caygill, or they are students of students.

Suzanne Caygill

1942, book 1980
Suzanne Caygill published Color: The Essence of You in 1980, the same year Carole Jackson came out with Color Me Beautiful.?  Suzanne Caygill is looked on as the pioneer of personal color analysis and image consulting,.  Caygill believed that a person’s color season, and sub-type seasons, should be matched with their personalities, and with their body type.

"Suzanne Caygill(1911–1994), who is regarded[by whom?] as the pioneer of color analysis and image consulting, was an American color theorist who developed the Caygill Method of Seasonal Color Analysis. Caygill may have been influenced by her association with Edith Head, wardrobe designer and consultant to Hollywood studios and stars. A milliner, dress designer and night club singer as a young adult, Caygill turned her attention to color as early as 1940 and worked the rest of her life creating individual color palettes for clients and teaching design seminars. Caygill identified a wide range of sub-groups within each season, and gave them descriptive names such as “Early Spring”, “Metallic Autumn”, or “Dynamic Winter”, each with its own set of special characteristics. Suzanne developed the theory that for each individual there is a personal palette of colors reflecting a unique natural beauty, personality and style. In the 1950s Caygill starred in a self-improvement television program, "Living With Suzanne" which aired on CBS in Los Angeles, and began to teach seminars in which she described her work. Many devotees attended her classes, adapted and popularized her theories of seasonal analysis.[5][6] In 1980, she published Color: the Essence of You and established the Academy of Color. The Suzanne Caygill Papers, Circa 1950-1990, are held within the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, Cornell University".[7] wikipedia

  • Suzanne Caygill, Color: The Essence of You 
  • Color: The Essence of You 

  • 1964
    Joan Songer, Personal Style Consulting

    student of Caygill (or contemporary?)


    "In the 1960’s Joan Songer took a lot of Suzanne Caygill's basic theory and made it more applicable and easy for people to understand. She found artists who were experts in color identification and had them trained to do color analysis for both women, men and children. She taught classes on how to use and apply their color and style information.  She called her business Personal Style Counselors. Joan once told me she was afraid to actually do the color analysis herself, but she did enjoy teaching the classes.  She never wrote a  book about her  theory and how it was applied. It was not because she did not want to write one, but she was too busy with the frantic demand in her business coinciding with the explosive interest in self-development characteristic of that decade. Her contribution was to create a individualized color harmony system with classes to complement the information, creating one of the most comprehensive systems that still exists today."   source

    Director & Chief Consultant · Feb 1978 to present

    Since 1964, PSC is the oldest continuously operating personal "image", style and color educational consulting firm in the US. It is the only company of it's kin...d to require its consultants to have at least a BA in Art and to undergo a PSC apprenticeship training for two years. You are NOT a limited "season" in the PSC Concept - you ARE an individual and the PSC principles empower your authenticity. 

    VIDEOS  (seem to be haven taken down, we're expecting a book though!)

    Color Me Beautiful


  • Carole Jackson made colour consultation accessible to the public. She founded the international corporation “Color me Beautiful” in 1974 and wrote a book with the same title as well as a book titled “Make-up with Color me Beautiful”.

    Color Me Beautiful c) 1980
    by Carole Jackson 
  • Color Me Beautiful Looking Your Best

  •  Basics of the 4 Color Seasons
  • Color Me A Season

    • 1970s
      Kentner insisted that skin color was the key to determining the base color that all the others must rest on, not hair or eye color.  She believed that skin color alone would determine whether one was a Summer, a Winter, a Spring, or an Autumn. This can cause confusion, because the color of the hair may be the first thing that strikes the observer's eye (particularly if the hair color is dramatic).  Okay, so skin tone is the determinant for one’s primary palette of colors.  Then, if the hair color itself dictates a different season, this would become the secondary palette of colors.
       Seasonal Skin Tone Color Matching

  • Color Me a Season: How to Find and Use Your... 
    by Bernice Kentner 

    Color Me A Season Since 1979, four True Seasons, and 3 blends each.  Beautiful names, but little visuals on the site.

  • "In the 1980's a leading Image Consultant, Carolyn Miller, (House of Color) recognised that, while easy to understand, four seasons on their own was too rigid, inflexible and not sufficient to provide each client with an individual colour analysis that was both representative of their best colours and usable."

  • 1980 Segerstrom
  • Jane Segerstrom
    There is another out of print set of books that also has a four type system:
    Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo...  c) 1980
    Style Strategy: Winning the Appearance Game  c) 1988

  • 1983 Donner
  • student of Caygill

    Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself & Your Temperament Through Color

    Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself and Your Temperament Through Color
    by Naomi E. Donner

  • 1987
    Jennifer Robin
    author of

  • ~1992
    Taylor B. Sinclaire
    student of Caygill (?)
    IlluminEssensce® is based on The Science of Human Harmony™, a science discovered by IlluminEssensce founder, Taylore B Sinclaire over 20 years ago.


    Angela Wright, FRSA
    Color Psychology
    "She studied psychoanalytical psychotherapy at Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton, England, before studying the dynamics of colour in Carmel, California, USA, and identified links between patterns of colour and patterns of human behaviour. She formulated a clear hypothesis, which became the basis of the Colour Affects System, an academically sound and demonstrably effective system that crossed cultural boundaries and, for the first time, enabled colour psychology to be applied objectively, rationally and with remarkable accuracy."
    The Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology  
    by Angela Wright, FRSA c) 1995
    Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
    correction: NOT a student of Caygill

    Darin Wright of Elea Blake 
    Does she relate back to Caygill at all?
    She doesn't address personality, etc.

    12 Tone Pictures (examples) - Reveal Consultancy 
    Maytee Garza
    This page shows women draped and categorized in the 12 Tones/Seasons along with minipalettes. Maytee Garza, Former Sci\Art Certified Trainer and Analyst c) 1999 

    Sci/Art goes back to Caygill


    ~2001 or before
    Understanding Your Color: A Guide to Personal Color Analysis
    Kathryn Kalisz Donovan founder of 12 Tone sytem
    student of Caygill


    Alan Flusser, Dressing the Man 

    Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Perm... 

    Kerry Stitch, certified SciArt™ color analyst
    Indigo Tones
    Sci/Art goes back to  Caygill

    Color My Closet: Lauren Battistini 
    Haute couture feeling from this analyst.  Mainly advertising her constulting services. 
    Does she relate back to Caygill?

    Jennifer Butler - Living Colors

    Jennifer Butler
    student of Caygill

    Christine Scaman, Certified Sci/Art Color Analyst
    Return to Your Natural Colors
    Sci/Art goes back to Caygill

    Anna Villaruel

    Donna Cognac
    The Color Advisor
    Essential Colors

    "The principles of repeating one's contrast level as well as the color temperatures and intensities that compliment their personal coloring are combined in a system developed by Donna Cognac. It relates 16 different color harmonies to the energy of nature's five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Palettes are various combinations of these 5 elemental energies. For example any palette with a very bright appearance or a very warm overall color temperature is a Fire palette to one degree or another and is consistent with the essence of the wearer." Wikipedia

    Beauty for All Seasons: Color Alliance

    Carol Tuttle
    Dressing Your Truth c) 2010
    It's Just My Nature c) 2009 
    Derived from Sinclaire who was a student of Caygill (Tuttle was not)

    Lora Alexander, certified Image Consultant
    Esthiology license in 1998 from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis
    Color Revival, book and eBook
    Color Revival: Understanding the 12 Season ... 

    student of Caygill

    Jeanine Byers Hoag  
    Pretty Your World Color Analyst and Color Alliance representative

    Dressing My Truth
    Create a Capsule Wardrobe ebook
    student of Lora Alexander

    Yelena Starikova, Image Consultant, Color Analysist and Fashion Blogger.
    Not sure of her background

    Irenee Riter on Color

    Does she relate back to Caygill? There are ways she disagrees.

    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

    EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH eBOOK: Informed by Astrology

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