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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brain Types

"Brain typing is another personality assessment system, which was developed in the late 1970s by Jon Niednagel, a sports coach, who observed that children with similar personalities had similar motor skills. This emphasis on motor skills is how this system differs from other typologies. It recognizes 16 types, like the Myers-Briggs typology system."

Brain Types:

Quadrants from Behind

This is looking at the brain not from above, but from behind.

"There have been a number of promoters of his theory, perhaps the late Ned Herrmann was one of the most popular. He combined the Triune Brain model of Paul McLean with the Left/Right Brain hemisphere theory of Roger Sperry to form a model of the human brain with two paired structures, the two halves of the cerebral system and the two halves of the limbic system, which means we have four basic thinking styles (Herrmann, 1996, 1999):"

You can get a Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Report.

Quadrants from Above

This is looking at the brain from above.
  Connecting to the Blue Brain T3?
  Connecting to the Green Brain  T4?
  Connecting to the Red Brain T2?

These four brain colors are NOT the same as the other two systems using four colors.

The Color Code: Red, Blue, White, Yellow

True Colors: Blue, Orange, Gold, Green

  • T1 yellow brain, yellow color code, orange true colors
  • T2 red brain, blue color code, blue true colors
  • T3 blue brain, red color code, gold true colors
  • T4 green brain, white color code, green true colors

Different correlation (not sure of source)
Mode Brain Area Focus Description Jungian Function Jungian Superior and Auxiliary Functions Myers Briggs Types
1 Basal Left Order, Routine Process, Procedures Realistic, down-to-earth, practical, sensible, past-focused, detailed, structured, ordered, efficient, dependable, reliable, obedient, deadline-oriented, disciplined Sensing ST and SF ESTP ISTJ ESFP ISFJ
2 Basal Right Intuition, Empathy, Spirituality, Rhythm, Harmony Subjective, personal, values intimacy, sees extenuating circumstances, humane, sees harmony, empathic, compassionate, intuitive, sensitive, connects well and easily with people, caring, compassionate, good interpersonal skills Feeling FS and FN ESFJ ISFP ENFJ INFP
3 Frontal Right Vision, Creativity, Imagination, Expression Speculative, fantasy-/idea-focused, imaginative, future-focused, sees the “big picture”, uses metaphors, visualizer, conceptualizer, expressive, enthusiastic, change-seeking, easily bored Intuition NT and NF ENTP INTJ ENFP INFJ
4 Frontal Left Logic, Results, Structure, Analysis Analytical, objective, critical, principled, scientific, logical, mathematical, tactical, goal-/ task-/results-oriented, direct Thinking TS and TN ESTJ ISTP ENTJ INTP

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