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Introversion and Extroversion

The question has come up as to whether the types are divided by introversion and extroversion (and whether it relates to MBTI temperaments).

  • "Sanguine (blood): Extroverted and people-oriented. Generally likes socialization, fun crowds, and showcases of people's talents; highly opposed to dwelling on the past. Exhibits optimism, compassion, good cheer, a love of fun, enthusiasm. On the flip side, they may be impulsive, gullible, self-indulgent,lustfulDrama Queenseasily distracted, or even an uber-slob or space case. Tendency to anger-burst, followed by "forgive and forget"; tendency to move on rather than blame anyone. Can often be a KeetThe LoonieSpirited CompetitorBoisterous BruiserBlood KnightThe PollyannaGentleman and a ScholarGossipy Hen, or Motor Mouth; or if female, a more plucky/outgoing Proper LadyKawaiikoGenki Girl, or The Chick.
    • Expressive high, responsive high; response's delay short, duration short.
    • The Inspired Influencer of DISC.
    • Corresponds to the season of spring and the (hot and moist) air element.
    • In a person's life, it corresponds to young childhood (roughly ages 0-13).
    • Will often correspond with the Optimist when in a Four Philosophy Ensemble.
  • Choleric (yellow bile): Extroverted and task-oriented. Mainly seeks success and completion of tasks, and likes to be in charge of successful projects. Exhibits leadership, dominance, ambition, and charisma; also tactical and very passionate. On the flip side, highly pridefuleasily angered or upset and may show arrogance, narrow-mindedness, obsession, and a Hair-Trigger Temper — but known for not showing any kinds of emotion otherwise. Rather than forgive, tendency to snap and move on while kicking to the curb; tendency to blame others. Likes to be independent and have control over others; could beThe Bully or a Bad Boss if in charge. The most likely to be things such as The LeaderThe NeidermeyerAnti-Hero, or The Lancer. If The Smart Guy, it's by being crafty and cunning. If female, will be a fierce Lady of War or a Tsundere. If heroic, Good Is Not Nice may come into play.
    • Expressive high, responsive low; response's delay short, duration long.
    • The Dominant of DISC.
    • Corresponds to the season of summer and the (hot and dry) fire element.
    • In a person's life, it corresponds with adolescence and young adulthood (roughly ages 13-35).
    • Will often correspond with the Realist when in a Four Philosophy Ensemble.
  • Melancholic (black bile): Introverted and task-oriented. These characters can be extremely passionate and have high ideals. The intentions and longings found in this temperament are mainly the making and following of rules, good manners being among those rules. These characters focus on the world of internal thought and the best way to apply those thoughts. Independent, courteous, organized, highly refined, hard-working (though tend to work a little too much), analytical; but also a detached, neuroticobsessive perfectionist whose insanely high standards can lead to depression. Rather than forgive, tendency to withdraw and brood; tendency to blame others, self, and "all of the above" (sometimes all at once). Prone to over-thinking on petty matters which easily makes them stressed to the point of paranoia and are also prone to gluttony or coveting. Often The Sneaky Guy or a very serious form of The Smart Guy and an excellent candidate for The Leader. Can often hide in a sour shell and, if female, be a more brooding loner-type Ice QueenDark Action GirlThe Ophelia,Femme Fatale or Mysterious Woman. Those melancholics who have taken to lives of action can be the Byronic Hero or a Manipulative BastardI Work Aloneis sure to come into play.
    • Expressive low, responsive high; response's delay long, duration long.
    • The Cautious and Conscientious of DISC.
    • Corresponds to the season of autumn and the (cool and dry) earth element.
    • In a person's life, it corresponds to middle-aged adulthood (roughly ages 35-65).
    • Will often correspond with The Cynic when in a Four Philosophy Ensemble.
  • Phlegmatic (phlegm): Introverted and people-oriented. Sometimes referred to as "the sweethearts" of the personalities. The dreams and passions of this temperament are mainly the spread of kindness, forgiveness, and restoration of peace and harmony. Generally calm, rational, quiet, and reliable; but alsodociletimid, and / or lazy, and frequently hides all emotions (other than sympathy). Tends to be dependent on others, either by choice or because of insecurity, they are also prone to Sloth. This temperament is a people person but sometimes expresses these traits in an awkward fashion. Tendency to perhaps brood temporarily, but then "forgive and forget"; tendency to blame self and are prone to awkwardness, indecisiveness but still remain focused. Can often be Weak, but SkilledThe HeartWide-Eyed Idealist, or a more relaxed version of The Smart Guy and, if female, may be an Emotionless GirlYamato NadeshikoTeam Mom, or more submissive Proper Lady.
    • Expressive low, responsive low; response's delay long, duration short.
    • The Support and Steadiness of DISC.
    • Corresponds to the season of winter and the (cool and moist) water element. (However, water also corresponds to melancholic characters that havecontrol over ice.)
    • In a person's life, it corresponds to older adulthood (roughly ages 65 and up).
    • Will often correspond with the Apathetic or the Conflicted when in a Four Philosophy Ensemble.
  • Leukine (white plasm): Ambiverted and dually-oriented. The "central" temperament that was created for those who didn't have one of the four clearly-established temperaments. This type of character can generally be described as middle-of-the-road and neutral. Tends toward either true apathy or rotating among nearly all the world's emotions (nothing too explosive or extreme) at a smooth, gradual rate. In a positive light, having more than one temperament or balanced among temperaments; but in a negative light, a non-temperamentThe Generic Guy, and a Standardized Leader. Usually reserved for protagonists, The Hero or other leaders when they are neither Hot-Blooded nor emotionless characters, and somewhat more independent but not as introverted.
    • Expressive moderate, responsive moderate; response's delay variable, duration variable.
    • Will often correspond with the Conflicted or the Apathetic when in a Four Philosophy Ensemble.
Some sets of four form a "Combo Ensemble" (blending two adjacent temperaments each based on a common aspect), as follows:
  • Sanguine and Choleric (the Artisan): Extroverted and dually-oriented. On the positive side, the most brave, passionate, energetic, and tactical (as "Artisan" suggests) of the temperament combos. But on the negative side, the most impulsive and emotional, and can cause the most drama to happen. Can range from Real Man (especially as The Munchkin), to genki Blood Knight if viewed in a negative light, and almost always highly selfish. Characters on the side of good with this combo tend to be Hotblooded, with some Idiot Hero tendencies. Also seems to be popular for Anime heroes.
    • Expressive high, responsive moderate; response's delay short, duration variable.
    • Corresponds to the double-element lightning (air + fire).
    • Often the Realist and/or the Optimist in a Four Philosophy Ensemble.
  • Choleric and Melancholic (the Rational): Ambiverted and task-oriented. The temperament combo most calculative (as "Rational" suggests) and insistent on things being in line with the Lawful Good. Especially good in instructing with authority and preventing bad influences over or hindrances against the project at hand. On the flip side, quite prone to greed, gluttony, hypocrisy, manipulation, and a judgmental, Holier Than Thou demeanor. Can be a Mood-Swinger andsuspect and/or resent sympathy from anyone else. Tendency less to forgive and more to be harsh in blaming others. Often can be The Smart Guy in terms of common sense and craftiness; also can be Insufferable Genius. The temperament combo most susceptible to being a Grumpy BearTsundereRules LawyerKnight in Sour Armor, relentless leader-like version of Neat Freak, or a Knight Templar. A villainous extreme would be such things as Straw Hypocrite and The Caligula. For heroes, I Work Alone almost always comes into play.
  • Melancholic and Phlegmatic (the Idealist): Introverted and dually-oriented. The most sensitive, deep-feeling, mannerly temperament combo and, as "Idealist" suggests, the most focused on the abstract and character ideals. Also focuses on following the rules and seeing justice and goodness done, being the community's moral compass. On the negative side, it is the most shy, timid, neurotic, and prone to harbor hurt feelings. Has some particular expectations of others, but in most common cases too timid to express them. May brood at times; tends to be harsh in blaming the self. Often The Smart Guy. Can range from bookish Nice Guy to Kuudere/Sugar and Ice Personality. On The Hero's side, Beware the Nice Ones is almost always a factor.
  • Phlegmatic and Sanguine (the Guardian): Ambiverted and people-oriented. The temperament combo that thrives most on relationships with other people and is the most emotionally strong for other people. Usually the most easygoing and least judgmental; and, as "Guardian" suggests, supportive and helpful atguarding a team or family from falling apart. On the flip side, often overly tolerant and/or permissive; often sluggish about any task that requires spending a bunch of mental energy. Often evaluates other people in a very optimistic light, an overlap of The Pollyanna and the Wide-Eyed Idealist (distinct from theabove "Idealist"). Usually the diametric opposite of an Insufferable Genius or Neat Freak. Taken to an extreme, can be a Cloud Cuckoolander.
    • Expressive moderate, responsive high; response's delay variable, duration short.
    • Corresponds to the double-element dew/cloud (water + air).
    • Often the Conflicted, but usually the Realist in a Four Philosophy Ensemble."

NOTE: This is only one of many correlations of the four humors and four temperaments.

  • Sanguine and Choleric (the Artisan): Extroverted and dually-oriented. T1/3 or 3/1 = SP
  • Choleric and Melancholic (the Rational): Ambiverted and task-oriented. T3/1 or T4/3 = NT
  • Melancholic and Phlegmatic (the Idealist): Introverted and dually-oriented. T4/2 or T2/4 = NF
  • Phlegmatic and Sanguine (the Guardian): Ambiverted and people-oriented. T2/1 or T1/2 = SJ
  • Corresponds to the double-element dew/cloud (water + air).

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