Here are some author's descriptions of the level of contrast for Winters as a defining feature.


If you look through Caygill's Winters (which you can do on my pinterest), she lists hair colors as versions of black, white or *Patrician gray

Caygill Three Exotic Winters: Exotic, Smooth. - Skin tone color: cadmium red, chromium oxide, vermilion, alizarin crimson Eye color: chrome green, chromium oxide Hair color: grey-black, green-black, blue-black.

Caygill Four Dynamic Winters: Dynamic, Prismatic. - Skin tone color: cadmium red, chromium oxide, vermilion, alizarin crimson Eye color: burnt umber, chrome green Hair color, grey-black, green-black, blue-black

Caygill Four Classic and Soft Winters: Classic Winter, Alluring. - Skin tone color: Daveys grey, Paynes grey, lemon-yellow, sap-green, chromium oxide Eye color: chrome yellow, chrome green, Paynes grey, transparent viridian Hair color: lamp black, Chinese black, umber, thio violet.

Caygill Five Patrician Winters: Patrician, Platinum, Luminous . - Skin tone color: chromium oxide and white, carmine, magenta Eye color: Paynes or Davey grey Hair color: white, chromium oxide, thio violet, ultramarine blue

*Patrician (ancient Rome), the original aristocratic families of Ancient Rome, and a synonym for "aristocratic" in modern English usage
Color: The Essence of You 


"Type Fours are beautiful.  Their perfection of feature plus, contrasting darkness/lightness immediately draws attention." p.25

Note: In a list of various types of Type Twos, in descending order of height, Segerstrom gives one example as follows:
"The list would be topped by Mona and Edward who're tall, slightly angular, dark-hared and dark-eyed with pale, elongated faces.  Their high contrast (difference in darkness and lightness) indicates a need for colors with depth and even a measure of brightness.  On well-proportioned bodies, high fashion clothes look marvelous, but T-2s are never flamboyant.  They strive for sophisticated elegance and refined drama." p. 49

Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo... 


Donner has a fourth type, called Analytical, about which she writes "Among the seasons it is stark Winter that relates to the Analytical.  The vivid and striking contrasting colors of the Winter landscape complement and enhance the Analytical.  Black and white - a vivid blue sky against white sunlit snow."  And later, "Many Analyticals have a very pale skin tone and dark hair... Their skin is translucent white, very pale rose, olive or black."

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Stillness of Being
with the overall energetic feeling and look of
Striking, Firm, Smooth, Stylized, Contrasting and Definite


"No one wears high contrast better than the Queen." Classic Winter
"Our Passionate Leader should wear high-contrast outfits without cutting up her body head to toe."  Dynamic Winter'
"The Vivid Winter needs a high level of contrast, which means that her total image is more still -- and very effective." (The Earthy Philosopher)

"Though her contrasts are the gentlest of all the Winter types, this type wears a bit of print better than any of her Winter sisters - but needs to use it gently." Antique Winter (Keeper of the Hearth)
"The Romantic Poetess needs to wear shades of the same color in different textures..." Soft Winter
"Medium contrast is best.  Though this type is dramatic, she is also playful, which isn't supported by too high a contrast." Playful Winter

"High contrast outfits and accessories will always make the Prom Queen look terrific..." Vital Spring
"The Dramatic coloring of the Divine Diva calls for high contrast..." Bronze Autumn

Varying Contrast in Zyla Archetypes

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