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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chinese 5 Elements compared with The Four Humors

round or chubby face
dark body coloring
black, charcoal or dark brown hair
dark brown, green, blue or gray eyes
deep toned skin
smaller top size than bottom, tear shaped body shape
unique or unusual fashions
high domed foreheads or prominent chins
dreamy looking or shadowed eyes
large soft, eyes
round face
large eyes, watery and limpid, often blue or gray, with thick lashes
cheeks are full, may be dimpled
small pug nose, or button shaped
chin will be rounded, not prominent, may even be receding
double chins common, esp. with weight gain
hair usually light, eyebrows
wispy, hairline often high, forehead prominent








Wood Sanguine/Air
long face and nose, broad and high forehead, narrow cheeks balanced, aesthetic, pleasing facial shape
eyes have kindly look oval with tapering, delicate chin, mouth and lips
eyebrows should not be thick or wiry eyes tend to be brown, almond shaped
cool, blue or green based body coloring hair usually brown or chestnut colored, luxuriant and wavy
long, straight torso, elongated limbs
athletic or casual fashions
ash blonde or brown hair
blue, blue-green, or green eyes
olive skin
prominent brow or jaw
heavy eye brows
wiry or willowy body
columnar body shape

Fire Choleric/Fire
long face with narrow, prominent cheekbones triangular facial shape, narrow forehead and broad angular jaw
pointed chin and more pointed forehead than wood type prominent, jutting chin
freckles, red, curly or wiry hair prominent nose
reddish body coloring high cheekbones
larger size top than bottom arched eyebrows and pointed, angular features
triangular torso or body shape complexion often ruddy, reddish or sallow
eye-catching, body conscious fashions
red, red/orange, or red/violet hair
red-brown or violet-blue eyes
ruddy, rosy, reddish skin
sparkling eyes
bright smile or dimples
pointed features

Earth Melancholic/Earth
short square faces, with distinct jawlines square shape or rectangular face
sallow complexion broad, solid square face, well developed bone structure
may have large mouth or other features facial features will be broad, squarish and well formed
yellow or brown based coloring neck will be broad, stout and strong
full torso
classic or basic fashions
golden blonde or brown hair
topaz, hazel or brown eyes
golden beige or brown skin
sturdy or round body shape
rounded cheeks or full lips
heavy upper arms

oval face with wide set, chevron cheekbones
pale coloring and complexion
clear, shining eyes
eyebrows are pale, hair usually straight
delicate or curvy physique
designer clothes
shapely or hourglass figure
white, gray or light blonde hair
pale gray, blue or green eyes
fair, ivory or porcelain skin
aquiline nose or high cheekbones
delicate bone structure

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