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Friday, March 30, 2012

According to this book, I'm Water/Metal.  Last year another book said I was Metal/Earth.

So I created this Polyvore to depict how that combination looks.

originally posted 8/30/11
According to this book by Yamaguchi, I'm a Metal/Earth Yang 6.

"Honor your Metal/Earth element, but you want to add more sass to your style. Harmonize with water by rounding and softening layers to create dance within your hair. You are looking for a flirty style with boundaries."

So I've decided to go back to a bob, with more movement than when I had it before.

This is one of my favorite shirts.  Now I know why:
it has the ice pastels of metal or T4 and the circle shape of metal and T1.
I also know why I am drawn to wearing bright white
and love this circle necklace.

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