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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Eyes

my eyes

So my eyes are what I would consider summer "crackled glass."  My secondary seems to be winter spokes in the background.  The yellow in my eye confuses things by introducing a soft effect.  Yellow in the eye can represent toxins from trauma, but it also can represent optimism.
My niece has a blue/gray spring or summer eye.  It also looks like she has flower iris features.
"Flower irises indicate an emotional personality. Flowers are social individuals who are exciting (for others) to be around. Highly reactive and changeable - flowers are passionate, enthusiastic and generally fun to be with."

My nephew has a blue/gray spring eye with mental jewels.

"Jewels in the iris are indicative of a mental type. They are typically analytical thinkers expressing themselves through speech. Slow to acknowledge feelings, jewels prefer to rely on accumulating and classifying data to arrive at the 'correct' decision."
My husband has a blue spring eye, with some hints of autumn / choleric.  He has flower iris features.

mom's eyes appear to be flower?

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