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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Swords - This is an interesting placement for the seven of swords. As I would interpret it in this situation... possibly you went out to battle without letting anyone know? You forgot a few swords and weren't prepared for what you went off to fight and you're sneaking back in the window so as not to wake anyone and pick up the two you forgot. Maybe you don't need to be sneaky about it. It's evident you feel inadequate, and the five swords you carry are already heavy enough. Perhaps you could change your mind and put the swords back?

Another possible interpretation is that someone else took your swords and left you with only two... and you feel bereft and inadequate, and downright betrayed by the loss of those five swords. The thief didn't feel they could do without them, however, and maybe they tried to leave you at least something? Look at the guilt on his face. You caught him in the act. .. but he's already out the window and falling backwards ... there's no turning back now. Can you let him have the swords without holding blame over him? Don't forget the 5 of Wands here, either, as the emotions created by this can war with your physical wellbeing.
excerpt from reading by Donna

Another interpretation of Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a card that appears in your Tarot reading to reveal issues of breaking free, doing things your own way and abandoning group ideals. The Seven of Swords is seen as a card of saving yourself; this can have positive elements to it, as in many personal transformations.... There is also an element of haste in this card, an indicator of moving fast in a decision making process.

Under a cloudless golden sky, the card depicts a man tip-toeing away from some desert tents. There are two swords stuck into the ground by the entrance to the closest tent. The man has five swords in his arms. The man is stealing the swords belonging to whoever is in the tent and he is making a quick getaway. The thief manages to be stylish, though, always depicted in a fez-style hat, with some Tarot decks making sure his quick-footed boots are colored red to match his hat. In most versions of Tarot decks he is scampering across the desert vista, in plain sight for us to see. The most important part of this illustration is the plain fact that, even with his hands full, the thief has not taken all of the swords.

The thief is not necessarily a negative character. Everyone operates in secrecy and to their own advantage on some occasions. In relationships, we sneak around to find out information on the men we love. In office politics, we are often forced to act behind the back of someone to ensure our job security. Anyone who is self-employed knows that going out and doing it on your own means using any bit of information that can be acquired about your competitors.


The Seven of Swords
The Lord of Futility represents the times in life where we feel too overwhelmed and doubtful to act decisively toward our problems. It will usually appear when there are difficult decisions to be made, or when situations arise that require we take action. Because we are weary, feeling over-stressed and helpless, we do nothing. As a result, of course, things inevitably get worse.

Often fear will be a big issue - fear of doing something wrong, fear of taking responsibility, fear of being even more hurt and feeling worse than we already do. In the end, we simply have to take our courage in both hands and, like The Fool, take that leap forward. The fact that we have acted will help us to break from of the Lord of Futility and to move on.

The Seven of Swords
When the Lord of Futility rules the day we are, inevitably, in for a bit of a tough few hours. Work will tend to pile up, and conspire against our best efforts to get through it all. We will often feel as though we don't want to work, as well, which of course will make everything feel worse.

We might also fall into the trap of worrying unnecessarily about things that haven't yet happened, and probably never will. This wastes our energy and makes us feel despondent and futile.

So - what to do? For a start, we need to ensure we take our senses of humour to work with us again!

We also need to look at any pressing fears or worries and ask ourselves if, realistically we actually KNOW we have something to worry about. If we are objective and honest when we answer the question, very often we'll find we are feeling down in the mouth, and are actively looking for things to get anxious around. We can do this just to try to take control of a day on which we feel out of control. And it probably does us no good at all.

And anyhow - remember - what you put your attention on grows. Worry about your bank overdraft, and it will get bigger. Worry about your mound of work and it will increase. Worry about whether a disaster is just around the corner and you'll invite one!!

Affirmation: I centre my attention on the task before me, and complete it with ease.

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