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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm so not cool

The truth is it is super hard to care about fashion right now.  I created a facebook group that has become the center of my life over the past six months.  But when grief enters your life, you have to take a tangent.  It's like suddenly time bends.  Other people go on with their lives and it feels like watching sports reruns or fast forwards at a distance.  But you're in a liminal space.  And truly, who cares what you're wearing?

What I meant by the "I'm so not cool" title is that I can imagine blogging in a much more enticing way, but I can't find the coolness.


Joyce Ann said...

I know that our group started out as a fashion/clothing deal, but I think it's turned into much more than that. Sometimes we head down one path and all of a sudden we realize that there's much more to it than what we originally planned. I know I can count on y'all for support and comfort, and I know you can count on me and the other chickies in our group. I miss you on the forum, but I know you need space/time. We'll be there whenever you're ready to dive back into things, even if you're just dipping your toes. <3

Jeanine Byers said...

What she said! I know when I am grieving, it almost feels like an affront to me that other people are talking about what they had for lunch, or shopping or other such things. How can their lives be going on normally??

So you take whatever time you need! You are totally cool, but losing someone to death is NOT. No getting around that.

Everyone who loves your blog wil still be here when you are ready to blog, no matter what the topic is.

Barbara said...

Life goes on for us, we obsess about our image and what to wear, while you are grappling with the loss of your brother...Something like that changes your life. It's okay to be not cool.

YarninMama said...

I agree with all that they said. Grieving is a really hard process, and after 8 months, I'm just beginning to get feel better.