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Monday, November 14, 2011

Planets near the Ascendant also affect appearance:
"The First House has to do with your "outer personality", the impression you make on people when they first see you. But it goes beyond that. It also shows how you begin anything, your first approach, your first action. For instance, someone with an Aries Ascendant (Aries Rising) will tend to charge right in, while a Taurus Rising person has to take their time and build up momentum. A Leo rising will get someone else to do it for them (probably some poor soul with Virgo Rising). The placement of planets in the First House is also important."

"Sun – adds height/weight and a big broad smile. Sun gives a stronger body and vitality; complexion is fair; hair is fair or golden, blue eyes and strong chin.

Moon – has a round, “moony” type of face.  Moon gives a broad forehead, small nose and the tip stubbed. Hands and feet are small... face is usually round or Moon shape especially if rising in Cancer.

Mercury – adds height and a pointed chin. Mercury gives a slim body, black hair , usually grey eyes, sharp in expression; nose is long, narrow and pointed, usually bent; lips are thin.

Venus – attractive, beautiful complexion and may have dimpled cheeks or cleft in chin.  Venus gives a handsome body; full face and full lips; straight short nose; usually brown but often blue eyed; oval face and with dimples in cheek and chin.

Mars – sometimes hair is reddish or auburn. Pimples or scars on the face, may also have a ruddy complexion or sometimes a receding hair line prone to baldness. Mars gives fair or red hair; the moustache is fairer than the hair and beard. Eyes have a quick glance; nose is somewhat bent in the upper 1/2part; lips are thin ; chin narrow; eye-brows beautifully curved.

Jupiter – adds height and girth. Jupiter gives a square chin, full face and full eyes which may be protruding somewhat. Complexion is fresh, fair fair or brown; eye expression is sharp and fiery; baldness often occurs early.

Saturn – shorter, thinness, bonier.  Saturn gives a tall wiry stature, oval thin head; hair dark; eyes brown or blue; seldom looks in the eyes and fixed to the ground usually.

Uranus – makes a person look totally unlike what you expected!

Neptune – Makes a person take on an aura of glamour or mystery. Eyes are large, liquid and beautiful. Could suffer from fluid retention. A “chameleon” type of person.  Neptune gives large dreamy eyes.

Pluto – Intensifies and accentuates everything. Eyes are green or some other improbable color. Flowing hair or beard of mustache. Likes to wear dark "
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Jane Rekas
Written by Jane Rekas

Jane Leu Rekas, LCSW, CHt, writes a blog about seasonal color analysis and the four humors. She is certified in Color Me A Season color analysis and does Color Profiles individualized fabric fans online and in Hood River, Oregon.


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