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FAQ: How did you figure out your secondary?

first posted 12/19/14

You wouldn't believe how many times I get asked how I figured out my secondary, or how to do so in general.  I have lots of posts on secondary energies that you should check out, but I can ramble about the subject a bit.  Labels: 

BTW, if you are approaching this from the Type  perspective you will hear to not even look for your secondary at the beginning.  I can see the pros and cons of that.  By expressing your dominant energy in a pure way, you are learning to communicate your nature clearly.  It can be confusing to others if you are also confused.  But I also think this is a bit of a marketing strategy.  For instance, in some systems like IlluminEssensce you have to attend a long, expensive seminar to "get" your secondary.  But I think the value of knowing your secondary is to understand how your dominant may not be true to the cookie cutter description of your main type or season.  It may be slightly different in a way that clears up a lot of confusion, once you get it.

I will say that my search for a secondary was not the problem --because I couldn't choose my dominant for so long between two seasons Summer and Winter -- so if I chose one as dominant, the other was secondary.  End of story.  The problem wasn't picking my secondary, but picking which if these two came second.  I was wrong for almost three years because I put my dominant second because I had trouble owning it.  But as you know, I'm now Winter- Summer or Patrician Winter.

The other way I picked my secondary was through various quizzes about temperament, but especially with the DISC.

 Jane's Type

BTW, so many women take a long, long time to figure this out.  When my Caygill analyst posted my results in the Caygill FB group, someone basically remarked on how long it took me.  But they also have taken the same amount of time and changed their season repeatedly, seeking out almost every source of palette and analysis. So we have to be patient with ourselves and not judge others.

Also, people can usually figure out which season or type they are the least! so that takes one out of the running.  My "inferior" is Spring.  I'm a 4/2/3/1.

The best answer is to get a professional draping, at whatever level you can afford.  Then you can reconcile how closely your season matches with your understanding of your personality.  That can take some creativity and depth of self-exploration.

Which system do I prefer?
Color Me A Season reports from me

Many people disagree, not only about whether your personality should match your season, but also about the controversy about whether the 12 seasons match up with the 4 types.

The Battle of Star Wars and Star Trek p.s.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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