Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 New Year's Resolutions - Seasonal and Type Style

Here are my 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2016, or really any year, based on seasonal color analysis or type and style.

#1 get thrifty: try out color, style and new ideas at the thrift store or consignment store first.  Take a friend with you, and you can drape for color and try on different design lines (granted they may be limited in some modern lines, but you can still find some variety).

#2 declutter: by sorting through your closet with a simple system [boxes marked keep, store, donate, sell] that will help you cull what is no longer working for you. 

#3 wear what you love: the keep pile should only be items that you love, and that love you (because they're in your palette and style design lines). 

#4 get organized: follows from above, find a simple system to organize your closet.  I find that this process gets repeated over time.
#5 intentional color:  Each of your body/palette colors communicates different energy, for different effect.

Purposeful Color

#6 intentional energy: fashion feng shui, and other systems, suggest that we can choose the energy of our outfits by the purpose of the day as well.

#7 intentional style: you aren't limited to only one style facet.  You may want to learn the most important outer design lines for your body, but you can then vary a lot in accessorizing based on your facial features and your manner or temperament, and the purpose of the day.

#8 rule of three: when making a purchase, check if the item will go with 3 items in your closet.  Also, when wearing two items, adding a third, turns an outfit into an ensemble.

#9 timeless vs. trend: as you know, not all trends will be for you.  If a new trend does fit into your basic style type, go for it.  But if it does not, you're better off letting it pass.
#10 gratitude ootd: when taking outfit of the day pics, be sure you are celebrating successes and yourself with gratitude!

365 Grateful - spin on OOTD

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