Friday, December 5, 2014

Caygill Convert

My Caygill Analysis by Anne Sagendorph-Moon
Today I received the best color analysis I have ever received.  The reason it is the best is that it was personalized and very systematic.  Anne Sagendorph-Moon of Oakland, CA, is trained in the Caygill method.  As you know, Suzanne Caygill really started seasonal color analysis, interpreting the influence of Johannes Itten.  Based on values, skintone and other body colors, the determination of season is made, and then the palette is absolutely customized for each body color and palette stick.  These are fabric palettes made of several values of each color on what is called a stick and held together with a ring, so all your options are combined.

Suzanne Caygill Color Legacy FB group

I am Patrician Winter by skintone.  Patrician means "proud, regal, nobleman, aristocrat."  Patrician Winter is the first of the Winters. (Sharon Chrisman's winters:..patrician, soft, classic, dynamic, exotic, tropical). It is the least bold.  They are usually gray haired but can also have dark hair and thus gray very well.  I also have some deep qualities and some of my colors are deep.  I am more deep than bright, though I have a few brighter colors.  I also have some Classic Winter sticks.  My eyes are a Summer green though!  Just as I thought.  No wonder I've had the confusing journey I've had.

Greg turned out to be a Rose Tone Summer.  And his hair actually is the gray from Patrician Winter! so that was a bit funny.  It turns out that though we are both cool and neutral, he is even more cool than I am, but what makes me the Winter is my contrast level.

Please don't spend the number of years that I did trying to guess your season.  Getting your colors professionally done is truly life changing.  Thank you so much Anne!

Anne Sagendorph-Moon


Anne also does Skype sessions!

Jane is a Patrician Winter and Greg is a Rose Tone Summer.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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Unknown said...

Jane, that palette looks perfect for you - your husband's on him as well. So happy for you!