Shoe Color

Whether you are following Zyla or Butler or any Caygill method system, you know that the first thing you want to do is to invest in your neutrals.  At least on of your neutrals will be your hair color.  Let's explore why having shoes in your hair color is so important for harmony and balance.

Here's a blonde actress, Reese Witherspoon.

When she wears the standard black boot of shoe, it really does nothing for her.  Having a bit of toe showing with this dress that reveals a lot of shoulder, is a bit of an improvement over the heaviness of the boot outfit.

Breaking up this black dress with white and pairing it with white shoes is at least closer to the value of her hair.  These tan sandals match the value of her hair and skin.

These nude shoes perfectly balance her hair.

Here we have a strawberry blonde redhead actress Amy Adams.

This black dress and pointy black shoes repeat nothing harmonious from her body colors or shapes.  Neither do these black boots, even if they are repeating her top color.
These caramel copper shoes are so much better.

Even these nude shoes support her skintone better.  And these caramel shoes and belt are wonderfully repeating her hair and her energy.

Here's a coppery brunette actress, Jessica Biel.

She is completely lost in this white dress and white shoe, and ridiculous yellow accent.  She can pull off this black and white number, but she does it by making her hair sleek, which isn't her nature.
Much better in these brown shoes and even these copper numbers.

And here's our final actress, the black haired Jennifer Connelly.
The light and airy shoes go with the dress, but do not support her.  The red boots go with the print skirt somewhat and are a dark value which is nice, but clash with the jacket and her hair.

As a Winter she can do black and white, even in the shoe, though solid black is best.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane