Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The post analysis blahs and worries...

As we say goodbye to 2014, I find myself thinking about the post analysis let down... I've started to notice this little pattern.  It first came to my attention when I got my new Caygill method fan, but also when I previously got a Color Alliance fan.  Both of them were smaller than I expected, not just in dimensions, but also in choices.  What a personalized palette does is tell you your best colors and therefore other colors are left out.  It's kind of like buyers remorse.  Is that all there is?  Is that all I am?  Am I really what these colors are telling me I am?  Did part of me get left out? Is that enough? Am I enough?  I've also watched other people have the initial glee of a color analysis only to later fall into anxiety or disappointment.  It must be natural.  It takes an adjustment to accept this 3D colorful mirror of ourselves.  If we already were comfortable dressing in our true colors and styles, we already would be doing it, right?  So be gentle with yourself as you usher in a new year, possibly with a new fan.  Hey make it a fan of you, cuz you need to be celebrated!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with my fan!

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


SWriter said...

Hi Jane, I can relate to these feelings. I've had so many analysis over the last 30 years. You'd think I would be content, right?

But, as you say, you have to dress "you" also. Color is one dimension. One of the reasons I gravitate towards your blog is because you have so much about the many dimensions of our being in addition to color.

The color analysis process reminds me of an artist who is painting a picture but leaving out some other mediums because rationally they believe it doesn't fit, but their heart is somewhere else.

I remember one analyst said to me that I could wear a color that was not on my pallette as long as I wore it away from my face. Interesting.

Another analyst said to wear any color but find the one in a color range that works for you.

There were many other suggestions given by other analysts, and by the time I mastered them all, then my hair turned another shade of Gray. LOL.

That all said, I do use my fans, but I still temper my personal artistry with elements I love.(but use them in ways that they aren't a distraction)

It's an ongoing artistic process. I believe that if I see myself as an artist with a range of tools at my disposal, the fun comes in by creating affects that reflect other aspects of my nature. It's like the Asian artists who throws in one "off thing" so the picture becomes more reflective of life's imperfection.

The only problem is: I'm not one who likes to spend too much time shopping. So I play with my artistry through other creative endeavors and arts.

Thanks so much for such a candid post from your heart. It feels good to know that I'm not alone. I'm sure many feel the same way.

I've said it before: I love your blogs. I think you will bring something to color analysis and personal expression that will be your own.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

It is an ongoing artistic expression, isn't it?! :)

Some people thought this post was too whiney or something, but it only describes a passing feeling, and I'm glad you can relate. I think a lot of people go through these feelings along the way