Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reader's Question

"Hi Jane
Do you recommend Color Alliance for accuracy or does it depend on the analyst?
Do you think it is better than SciArt?
I live in Canada and consultants are thin on the ground.
Currently extracting myself from the confusion of DYT and looking for help with make up colors that flatter.
Does Color Alliance help with both clothing colors and makeup colors in your opinion?
Love your website.

"Hi again
After I sent my email to you Jane,  I came across this page where you address different systems and your thoughts on each,

Readers' Questions: Which System do I prefer? (update) 

which was very helpful.

I guess my remaining question to you now, is, does Color Alliance help someone specifically with makeup and brands for their season?
Also have you found that your season corresponds to one of the 12 seasons...for makeup?

I think you look lovely in your blue colors and makeup, by the way :)
The type 4 of type 2's !  Fabulous line!  I can relate.   

More reader's questions

Thanks for asking! I do recommend Color Alliance, because it was very helpful for me.  See my blog on being a Contrasting Summer, which was determined by online Color Alliance analysis (which I was very happy with).  I can't say that I recommend it based on accuracy, but that's because I'm not sure I can comment on any system with regard to accuracy.  I also cannot compare it to Sci/Art since I have not had a Sci/Art consult.

With regard to your questions on makeup, first specific to Color Alliance and then generally:

Color Alliance actually no longer exists, as in the U.S. it was purchased by Color Me Beautiful/Color Me Direct, which of course has a makeup line.  In New Zealand, it was absorbed into Beauty for You, which also has a makeup line.

I have posted on makeup (and eyeshadow) here, as well as on two other blogs:

Closet: (makeup, perfume)

and I have makeup categorized by season at this amazon store:  

Color Me A Season has makeup by season.

IlluminEssence has makeup by Tone.  

Lora Alexander has a makeup line she is trying to start.

Elea Blake does makeup by season.

With regard to your question about my season and makeup, I choose True/Cool Summer, but Jeweltone or Contrasting Summer is closer to Winter, so I can lean a bit more contrasting.

Type 2 Perfume
Summer Eyeliners
Summer Lipliners
Other Type 2 Makeup
Summer Blush
True/Cool Summer Blush
True/Cool Summer Eyeshadow
True/Cool Summer Lippies!
True/Cool Summer Nail Polish
True/Cool Summer Mascara

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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