Sunday, June 1, 2014

Figure Types

For hourglass figure, fit blouses, dresses and jackets at the waist.

For the Rectangle or skeletal body shape, keep your silhouette uncluttered. Gently shape the waist with fitted pants, A line or drop waist skirts, wrap dresses with belts, nipped in blazers or long blazers over skinny pants or jeans.

For Inverted Triangle body type, you need to make your hips look wider to balance your shoulders.   Keep your shoulders clean and free of details, prints or gathers, saving them for your lower half.  Create the illusion of more a waist with a wider belt.  Choose fuller skirts and fitted jackets, tops and sweaters to define waist, and bootcut, flare or wide leg pants.

For the Triangle or Pear shape body, de-emphasize the lower half, defining the waist line and elongating the leg line.

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Unknown said...
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Ketutar said...

Lately I have been thinking about this. I am an inverted triangle, and I have also read all those "balance your shoulders" stuff... but then I have trying to understand Kibbe. If I am a Dramatic or Classic, I am not to wear a peplum top, because the lines are all wrong... I am to wear something that enhances the long, sharp triangle shape I have... dressing like ladies in Dynasty.