This EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH blog, which I started 5/26/11, reached 250,000 visits 6/21/13 and 500,000 on 2/1/14.  It has your encylopedic research source for “critical thoughts on all things type and season.”
fbThe associated EYT Facebook group has 125+ members as of 3/23/14. The EYT Facebook group is NOT a DYT fan group. There are many other DYT groups. In fact, the group is a sort of refugee camp.  We look at all FOUR TYPE SYSTEMS. We look at the sources! The Facebook group is free and requires no membership with any particular dressing program.  It will still remain the place for quick chat, closed status and has the ability to tag members.
NEW forums (at wordpress) have both free and membership levels.  The blog also has both free and members only content.  This means that I can now blog with protected content.  Sign up for your first month free and help me build this forum!  Then you can decide if you want to remain a member viewing free content, or upgrade to EYT VIP status for $10/month.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane