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Flip Flops

first published 9/24/13

Ok, I get a lot of questions about figuring out your secondary.
I even have an ebook on it, but nevertheless, it leads me to think of this summary.
This is all off the top of my head, so please tell me your thoughts and additions.

So how do you tell the difference between the following combinations and their flipped combination?

Read this previous posts with the long version of personality types by combinations of the four humors: 

What is the difference between 1/2 and 2/1?


Of course, not every 1/2 and 2/1 are blonde. 
Both are probably low contrast though.  You will notice more dominant animation in a 1/2 of course, whereas the 2/1 is more serene, yet has an ethereal lightness.  There is a softening of overall enthusiasm in the 1/2, versus a happy, people-oriented easy nature of the 2/1.  The 1/2 might have a rounder face, though I feel that T2s can have roundness also.  Neutrals: both probably wear light grey perhaps tint vs. tone, 1/2 might wear stone or khaki, 2/1 might wear some navy.    Both may be neutral and could possibly wear silver or gold.  Hair: 1/2 bright warm, 2/1 cool muted, so that's a big difference.

What is the difference between 1/3 and 3/1?

Both have relatively low contrast.  There are some interesting similarities in the facial features of 1 and 3, especially comparing starpoints features and some 3 angularity.  One way you might contrast the facial shapes is a 1 has a triangle face widest at the top, like a heart, but the 3 usually has the triangle widest at the bottom, like a pear. The 1/3 is the most extroverted type and the 3/1 is the second strongest introvert.  The 1/3 is probably the most organized and efficient T1, but might be hurtful due to saying random things without being sensitive to how they come across.  The 3/1 may get angry quickly and have random outbursts.  Neutrals: both wear brown, perhaps tint vs. shade.  Both are warm and tend to look best in gold.  Hair: 1/3 bright warm, 3/1 warm muted.

What is the difference between 1/4 and 4/1?
Both of these types are "opposites" within one person, or so they say. Also, the 4/1 is said to often think they are a 2.  I'm guessing the 1/4 could also. The 1 lightness "softens" the 4 energy.

So there are two kinds of 1/4s first off.  You could call them Clear Spring and Vital Spring.  Yeah, I know, different system.  But the thing about the Vital Spring is they have the personality of a 1 and the coloring of a 4, meaning they have dark hair, usually.  And you will find that blonde T4s are usually 4/1s, and imho they are possibly1/4s that got flipped in the interpretation of their type.  I don't know, just a theory.

The 1/4 are highly emotional, fluctuating between 1 up and 4 down, unfortunately randomly letting out their critical nature, or internalizing a critical voice to their "inner child."  The 4/1 is also emotional, generally organized and competent, sometimes critical, but intermittently silly and sociable.

Neutrals: both can actually probably wear black.  You may think only a 4 can, but the 1/4 often has the luminosity and contrast to do so also.  But the 4/1 will highlight it more in their wardrobe for sure and the 1/4 might use some light khaki and more likely white as a staple neutral.  Hair: 1/4 bright warm, 4/1 bright cool.

Note: I think the 4/1 is the quintessential T4.

Clear Spring 1/4                 Clear Winter 4/1

Vital Spring 1/4                        Clear Winter 4/1

What is the difference between 2/3 and 3/2?
Both of these types are also "opposites" within one person.
The 2 hates conflict and the 3 can totally handle it.

Tangent: I read a few places that some people feel the 2/3 is impossible.

Both the 2/3 and the 3/2 are "soft," meaning they have low contrast. The facial shape of a 2/3 is probably oval and soft mostly, whereas the 3/2 will have more angularity yet still have softness.  The 2/3 could have blue or hazel eyes, and the 3/2 is more likely to have hazel or mixed eye color.  The 2/3 personality is said to be the most active of the introverts, though tending towards some passive-aggressiveness.  The 3/2 is said to be the most subdued of the extroverts, though she may stuff difficult feelings.  Neutrals: 2/3s wear grey and navy and 3/2s wear lighter browns. Both could be neutral and possibly wear silver or gold.  Hair: 2/3 cool muted, 3/2 warm muted.

Note: I think the 2/3 is the "quintessential" T2.


What is the difference between 2/4 and 4/2?

Here's the one I've thought the most about, since it's been a personal issue.  Both could have oval faces, with more pronouncement of bone structure than most 2s and more softness perhaps than other 4s.  The main distinction will be in contrast.  If you do not have high contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, you must default to the 2 in the combo.  (That's just the way I see it).    Another distinction is while both are perfectionists, the 4/2 will be outwardly hard to please, while the 2/4 "wobbles between patience and criticism."  The 4/2 might be slightly more of an overachiever, and the 2/4 slightly more dependable and focused on others.  Neutrals: if you drape for black and you can handle it, chances are you lead with 4, though the 4/2 may get away with charcoal also. (If not, your a 2/4 and your neutral is navy).  Both are cool and tend to look best in silver.  Hair: 2/4 cool muted, 4/2 cool bright.

Now, a 2/4 will NOT be happy with the standard blended look of T2.  You are probably a Jeweltone Summer or Contrasting Summer.  Also, the 4/2 is probably the least comfortable with the supposed BOLD aspect of T4.


What is the difference between 3/4 and 4/3?

These two types will have the most yang quality to their face shapes and features.  The 4/3 may have smoother skin and more contrast.  Both are very productive and competent.  The 3/4 may be slightly more verbally aggressive and picky, whereas the 4/3 may be more stubborn and rigid. Neutrals: both wear black, though 3/4s wear brown black better.  Both may have neutral skin and be able to wear silver or gold.  Hair: 3/4 warm muted, 4/3 cool bright.


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