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Review: Shopping for the Real You (now available on amazon)


Andrea Pflaumer's book "Shopping for the Real You" (Now available on amazon) gives credit to Grace Morton (head of textiles and fashion at University of Omaha), Harriet McJimsey (professor of textiles at Iowa State University) and Suzanne Caygill (San Francisco milliner and "bon vivant").  (See their book links below).

She begins by covering such factors as saturation, contrast, warm vs. cool, brightness, tint, shade, face shape, eyes and seasonal archetype.  She covers what colors say, neutrals, blacks for each season, combining colors and aging.  

  • Bold Winter types can wear any kind of black they want.
  • Soft/Subtle types, if they are going to wear black at all, should pick only flat non-reflective black in woven cloth like linen or soft weave.  Instead they really should choose dark gray.
  • Spring-like Bright types, she says can wear black with the right makeup and other colors.
  • Rich/Warm types should be very careful how black interacts with their specific skintone and should choose ivory, cream, khaki, dark gray instead.

She does a great job of sharing Belle Northrup's style archetypes in detailed charts, which are used by PSC.  These include:  Dramatic/Theatrical, Natural/Relaxed, Exuberant/Lively, Classical/Traditional, Romantic/Sensual, Youthful/Playful, and Ethereal/Angelic. She later has a Little Black Dress tutorial in how to translate into the various styles.

I love her encouraging and pragmatic advice to "Shop for your Size... Now."  She recommends building a team to support your shopping experience.  She gives a nod the The Fashion Code for finding your right fit and reviews proportion, balance and scale.  And at the back of the book, she lists stores by type and style categories they are best for.


U"Shopping for the Real You is a concise and thorough guide to the basic principles of clothing selection based on knowledge from some of the world’s top color and style experts, including: How to determine which specific colors work for you How to choose garments and accessories that harmonizes with your features and personality Which silhouettes best enhance your body How to dress with panache and taste throughout all the stages of life This book is a useful and practical shopping companion to help you avoid mistakes, save money and look great in any environment. The illustrations, charts, and questionnaires make the process fun, enlightening, and foolproof."

Buy here: http://shoppingfortherealyou.com/
or Amazon

This book is said to include information on the inner harmonies used by PSC and some of McJimsey's info.

McJimsey has been mentioned her before in this post:

Contributed by a reader:
Probable sources of Dressing Your Truth...
Suzanne Caygill and Angela Wright's books have similar: energy types, design lines, textures, fabrication, pattern, color, jewelry, interior design, keywords etc. to Dressing Your Truth (DYT) and It's Just My Nature. Rohm's book "Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?" has similar behavior and personality profiling and to "Dressing Your Truth" (DYT) and "It's Just My Nature." Books by HarrietMcJimsey and Judith Rasband have similar: body language, facial profiling, physical profiling, design lines, textures, fabrications, patterns, colors, of Yin Yang types to Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth (DYT) and It's Just My Nature.

Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection c) 1973 McJimsey

McJimsey (Northrup) text: "weeping willow"  

McJimsey (Northrup) diagrams: hummingbird, rose, lion, calla lily
Tuttle: Type 1 "hummingbird"  Type 2 "rose" "weeping willow"  Type 3 "lion"  Type 4 "calla lily"

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